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Newsweek Embraces the Future and the Present

Usually, it reports the news but the past few weeks Newsweek has been making it in grand fashion.

What the magazine is doing is a cold, hard and worthwhile lesson in digital marketing, social media and natural business evolution.

In print since 1933, Newsweek is going completely digital. Print operation will cease, and all of their resources will be put into online publishing, social media, their Websites and events.

If you are still avoiding social media and creating a digital marketing plan, then hopefully Newsweek’s bold stroke will make you rethink your priorities.

The most important lesson for brands, communications departments and digital marketers might be that you have to stay flexible and ahead of the curve in this ever changing world.

In my opinion, this will do more for Newsweek in terms of creativity, reporting and ultimately their bottom line. It wouldn’t be surprising if they breathed a lot of new life into their organization.

They will also engage larger audiences and more readers than before; some that were unobtainable and not interested in getting a subscription.

The revenue model should be sound. Of course, this is only if they do it right.

Embracing not only the future but the present is what we should be commending Newsweek for. It’s a novel concept and hopefully people are listening and learning.





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