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The 64th Primtime Emmy Awards

Awards season is starting and the first event is the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards on September 23. This means at least three hours of celebrating the best in film and television while the rest of us look at what the celebs are wearing.

Most of the content is going to be published on the Sunday night and next week but that doesn’t mean that social media has been silent. Let’s see what’s being said.

In the last month – from August 17 to September 17 – there have been 25,350 mentions of “emmy awards.”  Sixty-seven per cent of the mentions have been on Twitter with 16,920 compared to 2,566 blog mentions (10 per cent) and 5,251 (21 per cent) mentions on the news.

So most of the action is happening on Twitter right now but based on last year’s data, we could expect to see a slight increase in blog share:

Social Media Activity from September 11 to 18, 2011. The 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards took place on September 18, 2011.



The week leading up to the 2011 Emmys we can see that the blogs had a 19 per cent share of social media but from September 18 to 25, they got a little more share. There was more activity – 72,726 mentions versus 40,386 but the blogs got a 26 per cent share, probably due to best and worst –dressed photos.

Let’s go back to the 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards. When we break down the mentions via Twitter and via blogs, there is a clear gender difference with more men blogging and more women tweeting.



Most of the social media activity is coming from the United States, which makes sense since the Emmys will be held in Los Angeles this Sunday.

So we’ve established that most of the discussion is happening in the United States and the social platforms are working along gender lines but what are people actually talking about? There are the usual words: 64th, nomination, primetime and emmys and Plimpton. That’s because Martha Plimpton was at the 2012 Creative Arts Emmy Awards and wore a well-received Christian Siriano dress.

There’s no major buzz yet on which television show and movie are going to walk away with the awards but we’ll be watching to see what people are saying.


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