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August Editorial Hawk Eye Winners

Our Editors rock! There I said it for all to read. Not only do they juggling multiple clients on a daily basis, they are also ensuring that each client’s news is distributed accurately and on a timely basis.

Though not every Editor can win he Hawk Eye award, the following are two individuals that hand an outstanding month and helped many of our clients. Congratulations to Joshua Moore for noticing several irregularities throughout the month, but his main catch for the month was correcting a dead URL link. He realized that anything after the “.com” in a URL is case sensitive. Changing the case of after the .com corrected the URL and made sure the link was live and active. Not to be outdone, Alberto Carta-Guerrero also noticed that a URL for a client’s webcast was linking to their pervious quarters. Correcting this saved the client a lot of potential embarrassment and the cost of a correction release. Well done guys!

To get to know our winners better, we’ve asked them the following fun questions. Unfortunately Alberto wasn’t able to get his answers to us in time.

Joshua Moore [1]Joshua Moore, Associate Editor (Toronto)

Congratulations to you both and everyone else in Editorial who do amazing work on a daily basis.

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