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Bravo, Grey Poupon!

Social media is heavily dependent on trends, and every agency, person and brand must do its best to be ahead of the curve.

But there’s always one brand out there doing something completely crazy and unique.

This time the podium belongs to Grey Poupon, yes Grey Poupon. The hoity toity  mustard that was on the tip of everyone’s tongue after watching Wayne’s World. (see the video clip below with Wayne and Garth)

Grey Poupon has launched a Facebook campaign in which you have to ask for permission to join their society. In other word, you must prove to have good taste before becoming a fan.

The Society of Good Taste even has an application form that will determine your worthiness.

The app is intelligent as well. It it reviews your profile page, mostly your interests (and writing style!) to determine if you are of “good taste”.

Don’t even think about liking the page without The Society’s approval, you’ll be automatically deleted.

Social media is meant to be open and inclusive. While Grey Poupon does the opposite, it shows creativity, bold thinking (most likely by PR professionals), and something fresh.

My guess is this won’t start a trend even if it is successful.

Some will hail this as brilliant, others will be turned off. At the end of the day, we need brands using social media to continue to push the envelope.

Thanks Grey Poupon!

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