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HRH the Duchess of Cambridge

Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge, nee Kate Middleton, is on tour of  the South Pacific and the Solomon Islands with her husband Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge as part of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.

The tour is already being declared a success but it has been marred by the announcement by France’s Closer magazine of topless photos of the Duchess. 

The couple were on vacation in a private villa in France and the photos were acquired by a paparazzo with a long lens. The publication of those photos today has made news around the world.

Using the search terms “Duchess of Cambridge” AND “Kate Middleton” AND topless in Sysomos’ MAP tool, we found that the country talking the most is the United States. Yes, not the UK, the United States, which is not in the Commonwealth.



What’s interesting is what’s being said on Twitter. The general consensus is that the photos were an invasion of privacy as the couple were in a private home (compared to Prince Harry who was in a hotel room in Las Vegas surrounded by strangers). UK MP Michael Ellis was tweeted calling the photos “trashy journalism.”

There hasn’t been a lot of social media activity yet. When we searched over the last two days, we found 916 mentions with  most of the comments happening today.


As a result of the magazine being on newsstands today and the Palace’s reaction (they’re talking to lawyers and allegedly considering a lawsuit), we expect the story to develop over the next few days.

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