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Chicago Teachers Union Strike: What Has More Impact?

The following is a blog post from Melissa Labriola, one of our Account Executives in Chicago:

Chicago Teachers Union strike: what has more impact, hundreds of picket signs or thousands of online Conversations?

This week has spurred thousands of conversations in social media following the first Chicago Teachers Union strike in over 20 years.  More than 350,000 Chicago public school students have been out of school for five consecutive school days.  Opinions are varying but one thing is for sure, the power of social media during the strike can certainly be much louder and easier to measure than that of a picket line.

Social media listening and engagement is a key component during any crisis or strike that can have much more impact than holding a sign. How key government officials, such as the mayor of Chicago, handle this online will be just as important as the final outcome when the strike is over.

In tapping into our social intelligence tool Sysomos MAP we can see just how loud this conversation is online.  Twitter and traditional news seem to be holding the most weight in total conversations over the past week.

The overall popularity reached its peak on Monday with more than 50,000 tweets when the strike first started.

Using our Text Analytics we can see what the key discussion themes that stand out above the rest including compensation, health care benefits, job security and that children haven’t been in school for the last five school days.

It will be interesting to follow this story and watch how the Chicago Teachers Union, The City of Chicago, and President Obama will respond utilizing social media outreach as their voice. Parents may be speaking the loudest as they wait on the sidelines for the dust to settle so their kids can go back at school. What’s your opinion on utilizing social media during a strike?

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1 Comment on Chicago Teachers Union Strike: What Has More Impact?

Brandt Buffham said : Guest Report 6 years ago

I agree that (some) teachers do wonderful things for our kids. I dont agree with what they are striking for! If they were fighting for a way to make the kids more accountable and not have the teachers more concerned with their own safety or that they have to pass a kid so the schools scores are high enough to keep the funding from the state and city. The unions are ruining the educational system of this country. By striking for more pay the unions make more in union dues which pay for the union reps. cars and business expense accounts along with their raises. The unions have and will continue to go way too far and need to be stopped!!!

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