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The iPhone Is Coming! The iPhone Is Coming!

Well, by now every knows that Apple has a big announcement coming next week on September 12th. And from the invite that is floating around the web (pictured to the left), there’s no more need for speculation as it makes it quite obvious that they’ll be announcing the iPhone 5. This is the announcement that the world has been waiting for since the iPhone 4S and it’s been showing through social media. Using MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics software, I took a look at some of the buzz about the next Apple smartphone.

Looking back to the beginning of the year I found that the iPhone had been talked about through social channels over 6 million times. I found 230,777 blog posts, 211,454 online news articles, 239,375 forum postings, and 5,346,902 tweets mentioning the iPhone 5.

When I trended that data out over time we can see the iPhone 5 talk rise as the year went on. There are spikes in conversations throughout the year as rumors about the phone surfaced, with the biggest one on August second, but you can also notice the slow rise in chatter that seems to be going strongest as we inch closer to the announcement date.

I then investigated that large spike in Twitter conversation on August second to find out what happened that day to make everyone talk about the iPhone 5. That day alone saw 687,290 tweets about the iPhone 5. An astounding 68.8% of those tweets originated in the US, even though we all know the iPhone to be a worldwide phenomenon. As well, it’s interesting to note that the male female split of people tweeting about the iPhone 5 was almost dead even with men accounting for 51% of the tweets and women the other 49%.

I then dug into the conversation that day by looking at our buzzgraph. Here I noticed two interesting things being talked about. First, was what seemed to cause the spike in talk. The name “Takashi” “Okuda” showed up with a lot of conversation stemming from it. Okuda is the President of Sharp Inc. who released news that day that Sharp was starting to ship screens to Apple to be used in the new iPhone 5. This got people talking both about how soon the phone might be coming and also making speculations about the rumored new larger screens that the phone would have. The other interesting thing that I found was people talking about “19-pins” and “8-pins.” This talk relates to the speculation that Apple will be changing the amount of pins used to connect the phone to a computer or power source.

The talk about the change in pins got me thinking. Apple has been using the same kind of connection cables for all of their i-devices, iPods, iPhones, and iPads, since they started making them. This worked out well because you could interchange the device you were plugging into the cord at anytime, but this new change means that those cables won’t work for the new iPhone 5, which also causes a problem for any accessories made prior to this that plugs into an iPhone. So I then looked for talk about the iPhone 5 and either pins or accessories.

By doing this, I found that I wasn’t the only one who was thinking about this change. In the last three months there were over 26,000 mentions of it.

I then pulled up a buzzgraph to delve further into the conversation. Most of the most connected words don’t tell much of a story, but rather show common words you would expect to find around that conversation like “connecter,” ’19-pins,” and of course, what most of the conversation is, “rumors.” The one word that stood out to me most in the pin change conversation, and seemed to be getting used the most, was the word “obsolete.” This confirmed that people were feeling the same as me about how this change in pins is going to make so many cables and other great accessories obsolete.

In all of the conversations I looked at for this post the word rumor and rumors came up quite often. This is because Apple is always super secretive about their next big release and everything we think we know about the iPhone 5 right now is nothing more than rumors. With that, I’ll leave the comments to you to tell us which rumors you think are going to come true next week and which are nothing more than just rumors.

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Lovely Jane said : Guest Report 6 years ago

Really?? Ohhh so exciting .. I can't wait to see that.. I will visit here again for more info .. Know the Latest iPhone 5 Release Date, News, Rumours, Features, Specs and more .

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