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What the Marketwire SEO Analyzer can do to improve your content

[1]By Adam Lovinus, Associate Editor

The Marketwire SEO Analyzer measures how well you’ve incorporated your SEO strategy into your latest press release.

Journalists and investors rely on search engines for information gathering. This is why modern press releases should be written with SEO in mind, so that your news has maximum visibility and relevance for those who are looking for it. The cornerstone of producing content that indexes on internet searches is to target a specific keyword phrase [2], and work it in at five key points throughout the press release — the headline, first paragraph, multimedia elements, embedded URLs, and the backend of the release.

With the SEO Analyzer tool, you can gauge how well your release utilizes the keyword phrases you’ve incorporated throughout the press release.

Say, taking a broad example, you decide to work in a phrase like “cloud computing solution” into your release.

You plug “cloud computing solution” into the SEO Analyzer, and it examines the five key points of your press release, testing it with algorithms similar to the ones used by Google and other search engines. It then scores the SEO strength of your release in five areas, and makes suggestions on ways to improve each area.

Additionally, it measures:

Keyword Density: Percentage of times a key phrase appears in your release compared with the total word count.

Keyword Usage: Number of times keyword phrases appear in the release.

Readability: Scores your release on an academic grade level scale using Fleisch-Kincaid criteria.

Accessing the Marketwire SEO Analyzer tool:

This tool is available to Marketwire clients and accessed during the submission process. If you’re drafting your release using the Marketwire Resonate Compose tool, it can be accessed at any point.

A few things to remember about producing strong SEO copy [3]:

A well-implemented SEO strategy is a critical component for any media campaign. Marketwire’s SEO Analyzer tool eliminates the guesswork that comes with picking the right keywords and fitting them into your copy, helping your news index higher and gain maximum exposure for your company or client.

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