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A New Language Added To Sentiment Analysis, Twitter Approval Process, Plus More MAP & Heartbeat Updates

We’ve had a busy summer coming up with some great new features to help you analyze, report and collaborate better.

While some of you may have been out enjoying the sun and heat over the past few months, the Sysomos team has been hard at work. Today we’re pleased to tell you about some of the great new updates we’ve released for both the MAP and Heartbeat platforms.This latest update has added the Portuguese language to our sentiment engine. We’ve also added features that make collaborating with a large team even easier. As well, we’ve added some new analytic graphs to help you get even more detailed information for your reporting.


   Sentiment Can Now Be Analyzed in Portuguese
This year we’ve been expanding the language capabilities of our industry leading sentiment analysis engine. So far we expanded past just English to also include French, Spanish, and German. Well, today we’re excited to tell you that both MAP and Heartbeat can analyze sentiment in Portuguese. That brings us to a total of four new languages this year.
View Trends of a Twitter Account’s Followers
It’s important to understand how Twitter accounts grow or shrink over time. This is important to know for the accounts you own, your competitors accounts, or just any account you might currently be interested in. With this new update we’ve added two new graphs to help you visualize Twitter account growth (or loss). The first graph is a standard line graph that plots out an accounts number of followers. If you hover your mouse over the line graph, you’ll be able to see the exact date and the number of followers the account had that day. This chart is available in both the Analyze A Twitter Account tab as well as the Source Details tooltip in both MAP and Heartbeat.The second chart is only available in Analyze A Twitter Account tab of MAP and Heartbeat and shows a bar graph that details the number of followers gained or lost for a specific day. As well, the area beside the graph tells you the three days in which the account gained the most followers. These dates are clickable so you can dive deeper into what happened that day and understand what caused that gain.
Heartbeat Bookmarks Redesigned for Teams

Bookmarking has always been an important feature in Heartbeat, so that you can find the information most important to you with only one click. However, with the growing size of social media teams, some information is only relevant to certain team members. That’s why we’ve introduced a new way to make bookmarks. Now bookmarks can be set for only certain team members and not others.To utilize this new feature, head over to the Bookmarks tab under Settings in your Heartbeat. Create a name for your team’s folder, check off the members of your team you’d like to add, and click Create New Folder. Then, go back into Heartbeat and set up the page you’re interested in with the tags and filters it needs and click the star in the upper right hand of the page. You can now name the bookmark, but by also deselecting the Public option (which allows everyone with access to that Heartbeat to see the bookmark) you will now see a drop down menu with all the team names you’ve created to assign that specific bookmark to. Choose the team and click save. Now only those team members will be able to see those bookmarks.

An Approval Process for Tweets
Another great new feature for teams is the ability to send tweets through an approval process, before they go live to Twitter. This feature will be handy for teams that need to get a manager’s or legal’s approval before a tweet can be sent out to the public. Adding a manager (or someone else that needs to approve a tweet) can only be done by your Sysomos Account Manager, so please speak with them if you wish to use this new feature. Once they’ve been added, this person can then approve or reject a tweet by finding it under the Queue tab of Engagement Central or by doing so through an email they will receive as soon as the tweet has been set. The email feature will be great for managers on the go as they don’t even need to log into Heartbeat to approve or reject the tweet. 

A New Popularity Chart
The last feature we have to tell you about today is the upgrade we’ve made to Popularity Charts. Right now, this upgraded Popularity Chart is only available under the Compare tab of MAP, but will soon be available wherever the charts are found across the tool.These updated Popularity Charts will allow you to hover your mouse over the chart to find an exact date and see the popularity (number of mentions) of your query for that specific day.
If you’re already a Sysomos subscriber and would like more information about any of these exciting new features, please contact your Sales Representative or Account Manager. If you’re not already a Sysomos subscriber and would like to learn more about our software, feel free to contact us here.

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