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YA-HOO! Marketwire Celebrates at the 2012 Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede is an annual celebration of the cowboy culture.  It’s a parade, rodeo, and exhibition held every July in Calgary, Alberta, and for those who have never attended, the festival itself attracts over a million visitors from around the world.  

Born out of a vision from Guy Weadick, a cowboy and entertainer in the US, the first “Frontier Days and Cowboy Championship Contest” in 1912 was created which later became known as the Calgary Stampede. This year the Stampede celebrated its 100th anniversary and during the celebrations from July 6 – 15, most Calgary-based businesses come out in full force to celebrate the cowboy way of life.  Our Marketwire Calgary office joined in on the fun, mixing and mingling with Calgary’s finest.

Calgary Team – Raghunath Krishnan, Bernadette Lee, John Robertson, Jay Cloutier, Nikki Weisgarber, Corine Blain

Held at one of the many tents constructed throughout the city during the 10-day festival, the first event was held right beside the famous Stampede Parade route that crosses the downtown core of Calgary. This was a chance for our team to dress in their cowboy/cowgirl best to celebrate with our clients.

Calgary Team is Ready

Calgary Team is Ready (left/rigt) – Julia Kittelsen, Nikki Weisgarber, John Robertson, Corine Blain

Calgary Stampede, Jay Cloutier

Jay Cloutier showing how business gets done during the Stampede

Calgary Stampede - Happy Clients

Happy Clients – Alix from Missing Children Canada, and Sean Beardow from Cohn & Wolfe

Huge Stampede Crowd

Huge Stampede Crowd

A few days later, we hosted a fantastic events for our clients, and later in the evening everyone got a chance to watch Sloan perform under the tent.

Stampede Crowd Gets Ready for Sloan

Stampede Crowd Gets Ready for Sloan

Well Deserved Stampede Break

Calgary Crew takes a well deserved break – Raghunath Krishnan, Julia Kittelsen, Jay Cloutier, Bernadette Lee, Lee Hill, Corine Blain

Our team had a great time helping celebrate the sentinel Stampede. Until next year…YA-HOO!

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