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Not on Social Media? What’s Wrong with You?

Is not being on social media a “suspicious” decision?

Christopher Moeller, a psychologist, recently told a German magazine, Der Taggspiegal, recently that people who aren’t using Facebook, for example, could suggest you’re an anti-social person.

It’s a strange idea but it does offer a lot of food for thought about how social media has become the new normal in the western world. People not on major social sites such as Facebook and Twitter are quickly becoming oddities.

Much has been said about the narcissism and other negative traits that people who are active on social media seem to share. But with the numbers of social media users continuing to rise, it may say more about you if you’re not online tweeting, updating and sharing than if you are.

The numbers tell the story: Globally, there are more than one billion Facebook users. Canadians have a large presence on Facebook with 51% of the population on the service, and 66% of Web users.

If you strip out underage kids and older adults who might use email but didn’t grow up in a digital world, a very high percentage of adults are on Facebook.

People who are looking to get information on someone such as employers or singles looking to date are now taking into account whether or not someone is on social media.

Maybe they’re a technophobe (not a big deal for a date but maybe a problem for an employer), they had a bad experience online or, most worrisome, they’ve got something to hide.

Do you know someone who avoids social media? Ever met someone new who wasn’t on Facebook and it made you wonder?

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