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NBC, Twitter and Guy Adams

Update: Guy Adams is back on Twitter [1] as of this afternoon.

Twitter and NBC aren’t looking too good in the social space thanks to actions they took against [2] Guy Adams, a UK foreign correspondent for the Independent.

Adams tweeted unfavourable comments about NBC’s Olympic coverage including the email of NBC’s president, Gary Zenkel. Twitter told NBC. (The two are partnered for the Olympics.) NBC filed a complaint and Adams was banned from Twitter. You can read more from the Telegraph [3].

So what happens when someone is banned from Twitter by the company that was criticized? People go on Twitter and talk about it.


It’s a hot topic in the US and the UK, and NBC and Twitter aren’t looking very good right now:


MAP’s BuzzGraph shows the hot keywords in the story:


This isn’t the first criticism of NBC. The company made the decision to delay the opening ceremonies by three hours. That meant that while the rest of the world was able to watch Danny Boyle’s extravaganza live, Americans had to wait until prime time. The reason given was that NBC wanted to get the most eyeballs for the shows. It worked because NBC has said that 40 million people watched the opening ceremony despite the time delay.

The discussion of Adams, Twitter and NBC continues.

Information was pulled from MAP using the search terms: olympics AND twitter AND nbc AND “guy adams”

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