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News release basics: part two

[1]Last week, Mitch Schneider, Senior Account Executive – Agencies, took us through the best time to send a news release [2]. This week, he’s talking about the importance of adding photos and video to your release.

Should I include photos and/or video in my news release?


by Mitch Schneider


In a word, YES! Absolutely…


Embedding a photo and/or video is a great way to make your announcement more dynamic, as well as increase the chance an editor will pick-up and publish your release. There’s also solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) value in including multimedia in your release, since multimedia assets are often indexed on search engines along with the text of your announcement.


Why does including a photo increase pick-up? Newspapers, trade publications and online outlets no longer have the headcount and bodies they once were free to employ. More and more media members are wearing multiple hats these days, and their responsibilities not only include researching and writing, but editing, gathering sources, and producing multimedia content. The more assets you can provide a reporter (i.e. text in a release, photos, video, quotes), the less work that reporter has to do and the more likely she or he will publish part or all of your company news (assuming it’s relevant to the outlet).


This even includes company logos, and most providers of newswire services allow their clients to embed company logos at no additional cost.


The best types of images to include in a release are:


Product shots [3] (or screen shots if the product is software or an app)

-A head shot [4] of the executive or VIP mentioned in the release

Data charts [5] or graphs

-Shots of awards [6] or recognition

-Shots of celebrities [7]


The best types of videos to include are:


-Product demos [8]

-Executive commentary [9]

Description [10] of a program or campaign

-Ads or promos [11]

Animations [12]

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