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Twitter Meets @sweden/sonja

The Twittersphere and mainstream media seem to have shot down a bold move by Sweden to assign their primary Twitter account (@sweden) to a different citizen each week to act as an ambassador.

Creative, yes. Did it work? Not so much

So where’s the controversy?

Well here’s the thing with stunts like this one: good intentions pave the road to you know what. One week @sweden became @sweden/sonja and this user employed the network to ask ignorant questions about judaism. Overall, she the ire of everyone.

She also tweets pics and used the words, “aids”, “gay” and “urine” in its captions. I don’t want to provide context to such nonsense, but feel free to click here to read through all of them.

Was this all a joke? Apparently not. Trust me, I searched trying to find proof that we had all been the butt of a elaborate Twitter prank.

Here’s the interesting sidenote. Followers for Sweden’s official account rose steadily, and other nations have started to deployed variations of this campaign. Like I said, the idea isn’t that bad.

So the citizen army approach to a nation’s Twitter account is a cute and rather resourceful idea, yet most nations are probably happy they weren’t the ones to first think of it. They are also happy that Sonja isn’t one of their citizens.

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1 Comment on Twitter Meets @sweden/sonja

Justin Kozuch said : Guest Report 6 years ago

"Did it work? Not so much." I don't know if it's entirely fair to say it didn't work. Of course, defining what "it" is, is the challenge here. If we're looking at "it" from a numbers perspective: 68,000+ followers, tons of mainstream coverage (equivalent to $4M US in PR alone from what I've heard), not to mention the number of conversations online, I'd say the campaign worked quite well. The real question is: did it positively impact tourism? That's the metric for success, in my view. Get people into the country to spend their money.

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