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Euro Cup Quarter Finals Social Match-Up

The Euro Cup is officially in full swing. The tournament, which pits the best European soccer (or football depending on where you’re from) countries against each other, kicked off earlier this month on June 8th and is now down to the quarter finals. This means that there is only eight teams left and either the Czech Republic, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Spain, France, England or Italy is going to go home with the cup. Who’s actually going to win? Hard to say, but we can make some predictions based on social media.

Using MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics software, I decided to pit the quater final teams against each other in the social media forum. I compared each of the four match-ups together to see which team has the advantage when it comes to social media. But before I get to those match-ups I also looked at the Euro Cup in general. Since the beginning of June I found that “Euro2012″ has been used in social media over 6.5 million times, mostly on Twitter since that is also the official hastag people are using to connect their conversations while watching games.

When I trended those mentions out over time I found something interesting. I thought that as the tournament went on we would see the amount of talk rise, but it turns out that over time the talk decreased. It turns out that when the tournament started and there was 16 teams involved, more people were talking, but as time went on and more teams seemed to not look like they are going on, the talk about all the teams went down.

I then looked at where all of the talk about the Euro Cup was coming from. Turns out that even though the tournament involves European nations, they’re not the only ones watching and talking about it. In fact, we can see that countries like the USA, Japan and Indonesia are having significant impact on the amount of conversation going on.

Now on to the actual match-ups. I did a search for “Euro2012″ or “Euro12″ and each country. Bellow you will find the match-ups for the quarter finals of the Euro Cup. Each match-up below shows the share of voice between the two teams in each game, the popularity chart trending out the talk of the teams over time, and finally the sentiment of talk around the teams to compare. In some cases, it’s easy to pick a social winner, but others aren’t as easy.







Leave a commet and let us know who you think won each match-up in the social space and who you think will win in the actual tournament.

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1 Comment on Euro Cup Quarter Finals Social Match-Up

Jose said : Guest Report 6 years ago

Hi, Really a good job. It's quite interesting to see that there are many more talks from UK and Netherlands than from suppossedly more favourite countries, such as Spain, Germany or Italy, to win this tournament. I expected more talks from Italy or Spain. Could it be also that UK people are more used to use social media? This could be another conclusion.

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