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Meet Gus Fosarolli, the new Marketwire Ambassador

Gus Fosarolli, Marketwire Ambassador. (Photo courtesy of Gus)

Marketwire recently announced its new Internal Brand Ambassador, Gus Fosarolli. Gus has been with Marketwire for 12 years, starting in the Rapidcast division and moving to the Editorial department.

As Ambassador, Gus will be the man to bring you the behind-the-scenes activities of Marketwire. He’ll introduce you to the people behind Marketwire  but before he can do that, we have to introduce him. We asked Gus a few questions about whether he had to complete a quest before he got his new role. Here’s Gus in his own words: 

Why did you want to be the Marketwire ambassador?

There are many personal reasons why I wanted the Marketwire ambassador position. It’s a great opportunity to get to meet more fantastic people throughout the company and to let those that are new to Marketwire to see just how much fun we can have. Though we are all spread out through many cities, countries and continents, we are all Marketwire and we make the company. It truly is a great feeling and I wanted to be a part of that process.

What were the criteria? Did you have to walk through fire or find the one ring?

When the position was announced, I started getting emails from employees across the company asking me if I was going to apply for the position. I was surprised that I had so many encouraging me that I had no choice but to apply. There was always a fear that I wouldn’t get it and after some small setbacks,  to finally be asked to take on the role and truly make it my own is that one ring! Even today I’m still getting some emails of congratulations and I feel so blessed.

Favourite superhero? Why?

I have several favourite superheroes, but the one that stands out for me is the Green Lantern. Not only does he wear my favourite colour he can fly and is truly only limited to his own imagination and that is inspiring.

As the Marketwire ambassador, have you designed a costume and a theme song? Is there a sidekick?

Gus Fosarolli with his sidekick Junior and Cyd, the African Grey parrot (Photo courtesy of Gus)

No one told me I’d get a costume, does my camera bag count? :) I’m just hoping to be me and let the Marketwire colours shine through. I don’t have a theme song picked out, but maybe you can help me choose one. I haven’t thought of a sidekick yet though my Miniature Schnauzer Junior might want that position.

Weapon aka camera/phone of choice?

I’m a Canon boy and have been for all my life. Currently shoot with a Canon T1i for all my personal photography. For my day to day photography I use my trusted iPhone with a selection of photo apps ranging from Instagram, Hipstamatic, Snapseed and iPhoto which help me document my own life.

What are you hoping to accomplish during your reign?

I have so many ideas racing through my head on what I want to accomplish this year. From meeting as many people within the company, to making our intranet the first stop everyone goes to in the morning to retrieve their latest Marketwire news.  I also have few decrees I’m working on and will make them Marketwire Law. :)

How are you going to celebrate Marketwire culture?

I just want people to have fun and share their stories. We have so many offices that are spread out and I want everyone to feel welcomed and not afraid to show us who you are from time to time.

Gus can be found everywhere. He’s on Twitter @gusf, Facebook, Google+, Flickr and he blogs at Go say hi and congratulations!

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1 Comment on Meet Gus Fosarolli, the new Marketwire Ambassador

GusF said : Guest Report 6 years ago

Sneaky devils! :) Can't wait to begin!!!

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