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What Happened to the Social Influencer?

One of the most fascinating things about the digital world is how new concepts are thrust into the spotlight, celebrated, scrutinized, and then slowly fade into the background – all within a relatively short period of time.

A great example is influence, which was all the rage not that long ago. Everywhere you turned, there were people talking about the growing role and power of influencers, brands were scrambling to figure out how to discover and engage them, and Klout was poised to become the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Remember, those days?

So, what happened to the influencer? Klout is still around but it’s attracting dramatically less coverage than it used to get, and the conversations about media/blogger coverage about influencers has been dialed way back.

Have influencers become less important or relevant within the digital landscape? The answer is probably “no” but like anything shiny and new in the high-tech and digital worlds, the fascination with influence was overblown and given far too much importance as the most interesting trend…ever.

Like anything that captures the spotlight, influence has blended into the background. It doesn’t mean influencers aren’t important or brands have given up trying to build relationships with them. Instead, it suggests influencers have become part of the digital mix along with other key factors such as community building, engagement, inbound marketing, content marketing and sales conversions.

The fact that influence and influencers have lost their lustre should not be seen as a negative development but an indication the hype has disappeared.

More: Check out this Forbes story on Tom Scott, who created a satirical version of Klout called Klouchebag that mocked Klout.

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2 Comments on What Happened to the Social Influencer?

Mark Evans said : subscriber Report 6 years ago

Steve: You're right; Sysomos features the ability to identify influencers. The question is whether influencers are as important and influential as everyone was hyping, or whether there are different kinds of influencers that need to be considered. Thanks for the comment. Mark

Steve said : Guest Report 6 years ago

I am surprised by this post, I thought one of the key features of Sysomos was the authority score to help with influencer identification?...

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