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So…Can I Investigate your Facebook Page?

If you’re worried about being asked to turn over your Facebook account during a job interview, then I am really happy you are reading this post.

My advice if asked is a very resounding “no”. Even if the word itself would be tough to say when asked, it still has to be the only answer.

It appears some employers want to hire based on who has the least amount of photos from fun trips to Cancun. Or maybe it is based on what someone enters as their sexual interest or religious affiliation.

Remove Facebook from the equation and how would you answer the following questions:

  1. Did you really like your friend Ryan’s status update?
  2. Do you really think The Hunger Games is better than Twilight? You said so on March 28th at 2:01pm
  3. So you’re Hindu?
  4. How interested in women are you?

You would rightfully never answer these questions in an interview. The same logic applies to allowing the person interviewing you to access your Facebook account.

Social media has made everyone a public figure and searchable via any search engine. You have to remember that people are putting your name into Google, and the freshest content (tweets, status updates, etc…) is being displayed.

Social media has connected us, but that doesn’t mean we have to waive our right to privacy.

Since stories of the employers and interviewers who asked for access to a Facebook account started to emerge, one would have to think the number of private accounts rose steadily.

Social media is powerful and when used right can help you land a job. Just make sure that it is your friend and not your undoing.







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