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How do organizations succeed using social media? Read our Sysomos case studies and find out

sysomos-case-studiesWe continue to be amazed at the variety of creative ways our clients use Sysomos Heartbeat and MAP (Media Analysis Platform) to monitor, analyze and engage in the social sphere. Although the basics are the same, the applications are as wide-ranging as each client’s business objectives.  There’s no doubt that social media monitoring is today’s must-have for every type of organization, whether B2B, B2C, non-profit, government, media outlet or agency. The possibilities are endless.

Here are highlights from some recent Sysomos case studies: Assesses New Market Acceptance. is an enormously popular and important news portal for audiences around the world. ComScore calls it the largest international news website of its kind in Asia. So when decided to delve deeper into local issues and launch an Asia edition, it used Sysomos MAP and Heartbeat to assess market acceptance. Challenges included the need to filter out non-relevant chatter and monitor that buzz in multiple countries in multiple languages. Sysomos feedback offered the reassurance it needed that its new Asia edition launch did, in fact, meet with success. continues to use MAP and Heartbeat to evaluate long-term success and guide development efforts. 

Valtech Captures Untapped Business Leads. We learned that Valtech, an international digital agency, set up a Sysomos monitoring lab in its Copenhagen location to capture and analyze conversations impacting its clients’ businesses. Powered by Sysomos Heartbeat, this wall-mounted, six-screen “rapid response center” is staffed by a team of social media analysts, content creators and community managers. According to Valtech, it’s the ideal base to focus on opportunities to sell, support, engage and create content in an environment dedicated 100% to extracting the value out of social media. So when a potential customer tweets “Can anyone recommend…?,” Valtech’s clients don’t miss the opportunity and can convert it to concrete business value.

The Canadian Red Cross Matches Donors with Those in Need. The Canadian Red Cross is a great example of a non-profit organization that uses Sysomos Heartbeat to further its objectives, which are to give help and get help – and to empower people to be helped or to help the Canadian Red Cross. These objectives were highlighted during last year’s earthquake in Japan. By 9:00 a.m. on that tragic day, the Canadian Red Cross’ social media channels were inundated with inquiries and offers of help. Heartbeat revealed that in the first two weeks after the earthquake hit, people tweeted about the Canadian Red Cross nearly 7,000 times and its text to donate was shared on Twitter nearly 10,000 times, generating 22.3 million impressions.

MEA Digital Builds Share of Voice. MEA Digital, a US-based digital agency, recently used Sysomos Heartbeat to build a larger, more engaged social media fan base for one of its clients, and in the process, take share of voice away from larger, more well-known industry competitors. It embarked on a social media campaign targeting ad industry thought leaders and frequent contributors in the space. Heartbeat gave the agency the ability to quickly identify and engage with influencers buzzing about its client’s product, increasing the viral nature of shared content. The three-month campaign generated over 2.1M earned media impressions. Share of voice increased from 9% to 27%, and negative sentiment declined from 11% to 4%.

Check out all of our Sysomos case studies. You might glean some new ideas for using social media monitoring to boost your own success.

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