Marketwired Blog Reinvents the Hiring Process

Last month, launched and it is evolving the hiring and finding a job process; a process that most would agree has become rather stale and generic.

GetHired is an interactive forum that lets users upload video resumes, and in turn, lets people looking to hire the opportunity to dig deeper than a paper resume.

GetHired was co-founded by 28-year-old Suki Shah, who dealt with the constant frustration of hiring employees at his medical diagnostics company. This is a reality many owners, managers and human resources departments encounter.

Even though it only has one of the functional elements of Linkedin, GetHired could start taking a bigger piece of the professional social networking pie. I wouldn’t be surprised if this trumped VisualCV by a large margin.

It was only a matter of time before social media and the web weighed in on the outdated hiring process. We’ll have to monitor to see where GetHired goes from here, but it is already generating some buzz. The multimedia resume approach seems like far a more interesting way to search for hires, and the dividends should pay off for both parties in the long run.

One of the more fascinating aspects is users can have their voice and thoughts heard by potential employers. Instead of simply sending their resume into cyberspace, they can open a window into their personality while having calmer nerves that most would in an interview.

GetHired could replace many of the current web tools used by recruiters, and, in fact, recruiters might turn out to be their greatest and loudest advocate. Another fan will surely be graduates seeking their first job out of school.

Now if only we could create a website where users could post videos aimed at firing people.

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