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PR and marketing pros: Our eBook helps you ring in the New Year with new ways to engage your audiences

Marketwire Engagement eBook There’s no doubt about it; 2012 is going to be a year of great conversations with your customers, employees, investors and the media. You’ll create fantastic content and share it with the people who matter most to your company. You’ll provide them with the news and information they need to make informed decisions about buying your products and services, and you’ll build strong, long-lasting relationships with the people who can make your brand better and your business more successful. And you’ll do it all by being engaged.

If you think “engagement” is nothing but an overused buzzword, remember everything you learned about marketing and communication in 2011. You realized that you can’t talk to people just by pushing email, ads and press releases at them — you need to talk to them, not at them. You need to listen to your customers and the media to find out what’s relevant to them, and then give them the information they are asking for. You need to stay connected and keep the conversations going.

Our eBook, “Mastering Audience Engagement: Your Role in a New Media World,” [1] is packed with tips and tools to help you find and stay connected to your key audiences in a sea of social media. You’ll learn why it’s not only acceptable to hybridize your marketing and PR with traditional and social media efforts, you’ll understand why it’s smart. And you’ll get practical advice and tips for success from great minds like Deirdre Breakenridge, Mark Evans, Sally Falkow, Paul Gillin, Rebecca Lieb, David Meerman Scott and Brian Solis.

Check out a quick summary of each of the six chapters, and visit the microsite to download the entire eBook [1]

How’s that for a great resource? Whether you’re a master of engagement or are new to the world of digital communications, we’re sure you’ll find new reasons to make 2012 the year of conversation.  And while you’re at it, check out our video, “Stop Pushing.  Start Engaging.”


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