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10 social media influencers who shaped 2011

The PulseTo be influential in social media can mean many things.  Sometimes it’s all about the numbers — the sheer volume of followers that one individual can amass is truly staggering, and with every Facebook post or tweet, millions of people have the potential to be swayed by that influence on what to buy, where to travel or how to vote.  But it’s not always just about numbers.  The creativity, expertise and unique insight that an influencer shares with his or her community are what truly make them worthy of following.  Take a look at our choices for some of the most influential in the social sphere in 2011. 

Click on the SlideShare presentation embedded above to see our picks in detail.  Here’s our list of 10 social media influencers who made a huge difference this year: 

  • Chris Brogan
  • Mari Smith
  • Chris Abraham
  • Guy Kawasaki
  • Scott Monty
  • Reg Saddler
  • Neal Schaffer
  • Brian Clark
  • Rosuflood
  • Steve Jobs

How’d we choose our list of ten?  We researched their numbers of followers, their engagement levels, their reach and their overall mentions using Sysomos MAP. We checked their Klout scores, their Twitter rankings, and their Facebook popularity. We didn’t want to just serve up the same names as everyone else, so we did our best to find something a little different.  We looked for demonstrated leadership in unique areas:  a new book or radical move this year helped to catch our eye. Ultimately, we focused on the people who kept popping up no matter where we looked. Influence is a holistic thing, so we also zeroed in on people we felt were interesting both online and off.

This post is part of The Pulse, an ongoing series in partnership with our good friends at Each week, we feature trending topics, rankings and industry “bests” across a wide spectrum of communication disciplines.

Check out every issue of The Pulse on SlideShare, and read a few of our most popular posts:

Learn more about measuring, monitoring and even monitizing social media influencers — visit the Sysomos business library for social media.  It’s filled with white papers, webinars and case studies that show you how social media monitoring and analytics can make a huge difference to your brand and your bottom line.

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