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Marketwire clients talk turkey, Tofurky, travel and trimmings with great Thanksgiving-focused press releases

Thanksgiving wordcloudThe four-day Thanksgiving holiday weekend sees millions of Americans gather with friends and family over turkey dinner and an unprecedented number who follow their Thanksgiving feast with an early-morning trip to the mall for some bare-knuckled Black Friday shopping.  The four days of the holiday weekend are some of the busiest and most profitable in the U.S. travel and retail sectors:  About 42.5 million people are expected to travel by car or plane for Thanksgiving, according to travel tracker AAA, and an estimated 152 million people are expected to shop over Black Friday weekend, according to the National Retail Federation.   If you think Thanksgiving is just about turkey, you are mistaken.  Take a look at a few of our clients’ Thanksgiving-focused press releases and see how they are gearing their content toward travellers, shoppers and chefs.

The examples below certainly dispel the myth that press releases are only useful for financial earnings and product recalls.  Today’s press release is as much a means of reaching media as it is a direct channel to consumers; it’s a media relations, marketing and PR tool.  With a press release anything goes, and the best ones include content tailored to a specific audience who will find value in that content — from vegans in search of a turkey-free Thanksgiving to die-hard Black Friday bargain hunters and those concerned with safe and sanitary turkey preparation.  Take a look at some of these Thanksgiving-focused press releases:

  • Pamela Anderson Talks Turkey:  The animal rights activist and Hollywood starlet, together with Los Angeles-based national animal rights organization Last Chance for Animals (LCA), shares a meal of Tofurky and all of the vegan trimmings and feed pumpkin pie to rescued turkeys during a compassionate and animal-friendly holiday meal.
  • Top 5 Tips to Keep Thanksgiving from Being the Most ‘Plumber-Ful’ Time of Year:  Mr. Rooter® Plumbing knows that the day after Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for plumbers, because cleaning up after the big feast often means putting anything and everything down the drain.  The Thanksgiving holiday brings a spike in emergency calls to plumbers for malfunctioning garbage disposals and clogged drains. 
  • BMO Report: More Canadians Will Do their Shopping in the U.S. This Holiday Season:  The ongoing strength of the Canadian dollar, a still significant – although narrowing – gap between Canadian and U.S. retail prices and proximity to U.S. cities and shops, will see more Canadians cross-border shopping for the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday.  BMO Bank of Montreal says that 18 per cent of Canadians plan to shop in the United States this holiday season, up five per cent from last year (13 per cent), and BMO’s Holiday Spending Survey also found that Canadians are planning to spend almost $1,397 each this year on holiday shopping, travel and entertaining.
  • Safe Food Handling for a Healthy, Happy Thanksgiving:  Safe food preparation and handling are critical ingredients of every healthy, happy Thanksgiving meal whether cooked at home or in a restaurant, and US Foods provides at-home cooks and diners-out with tips and processes for the safe preparation, cooking, serving and storing of Thanksgiving turkeys. 
  • Don’t Turn Thanksgiving Into a Tragedy This Year, Buckle Up. Every Trip. Every Time:  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), seat belts save more lives than any other single piece of automotive safety equipment.  Of the 187 passenger vehicle occupant deaths at night during the 2009 Thanksgiving holiday period, over one-half (54%) did not have their seat belts fastened (where seat belt use was known); while 49 percent in day-time crashes were not wearing seat belts.

Press releases rich with multimedia, optimized content and assets targeted to specific audiences play a vital role in B2B and B2C communications, and continue to be a relied-upon source of news and information for journalists.  Providing readers with content that is interesting, relevant and share-worthy is key to audience engagement, and a foundation for building strong, long-lasting relationships with those who can make a real difference to your brand and bottom line.

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