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How to pitch to bloggers

Blogging tipsBecause bloggers are often considered the journalists of the Internet, it’s no wonder many professional communicators are turning to them to pitch ideas, events or products. Depending on the blogger, he or she can leave either a positive or a negative impression about your pitch to his or her many faithful subscribers. Let’s not forget that influential bloggers also receive many pitches – sometimes up to 100 a day – from organizations promoting their products, services or the organizations themselves.  So how do you successfully pitch a blogger?

Here are a few ways to catch a blogger’s attention:

Research.  Know who you’re pitching to. Don’t assume that, because you Googled “medical blogger,” the first link for a medical blogger appearing at the top of a search engine results page is the best person to pitch. Always research individual bloggers, read some of their posts and review the feedback they receive.

Get Personal.  Get to know the blogger. Don’t pitch to a blogger just because you want him or her to write about what you pitch. You should also be a fan of the blogger, get familiar with his or her work, likes and dislikes, and subscribe to the blog. Pitching becomes a little easier when you add a personal touch such as “I agree with your post about …”

Don’t Beat Around the Bush.  Get to the point. Journalists don’t want to read long pitches or emails and neither do bloggers.

Don’t Drop Email Bombs.  Once you’ve emailed your pitch, don’t overwhelm bloggers with incessant follow-up. Everyone is bombarded by emails and sending an email every day or following up too soon can make a blogger ignore you. Give them time and bloggers will reply to you when they have read your email and let you know what they think.

Make it Clear Why a Blogger Should Respond.  Everyone wants to know what’s in it for them. If bloggers don’t feel that what you’re pitching them is worth their time or they’re not getting something in return, they’re more likely not to respond.

Follow these tips and a blogger can become your best ally in getting your organization’s messages across to your target online audiences. Just as you wouldn’t ignore key news outlets in your public relations strategy, blogs are a necessary and natural extension of your PR program. In fact, depending on your product or service, blogs often attract far greater numbers of engaged readers than do mainstream media.

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