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Get your growth on: Marketwire + Sysomos welcome MOvember

Marketwire + Sysomos MOvemberHalloween may be over, but the time to change your appearance is about to begin again. November has arrived and to many, this month has taken on the new name of MOvember [1]. MOvember has become a worldwide phenomenon where men donate their faces to grow moustaches in the name of raising money for prostate cancer research. The movement has grown larger and larger every year since its inception and this year will be no different.

Using Sysomos MAP [2], we took a look back at the social media activity from last year’s MOvember. Over the month of November 2010 we found 12,117 blog posts, 2,721 online news articles, 13,353 forum posts and 322,136 tweets mentioning MOvember.

While MOvember was started in Melbourne, Australia, it has since turned into a global spectacle. Men all over the world now look forward to growing hilarious soup strainers across their upper lips. This heat map below shows where all the tweets from 2010’s MOvember were coming from, and we expect this year to show even more.

While the rest of the world is getting ready to put their faces in upper-lip-lockdown for the month, we’re no different here at the Marketwire + Sysomos offices. We’re getting into the spirit by pitting our different regions against each other in a friendly competition to raise the most money and to sport the best moustaches. Feel free to find your favourite or local Marketwire + Sysomos office and cheer on their moustaches by donating. You can find our teams at:

You’ll be able to watch our progress on Facebook at the Marketwire Fanpage [9] and the Sysomos Fanpage [10].

We’re also happy to announce that we will be working directly with the official MOvember team in helping them track social media conversations throughout the month. We’re very excited about this.

Interested in a little more info about MOvember? I had the pleasure of meeting Adam Garone, the founder and CEO of MOvember, a few weeks ago at TEDxToronto. We sat down to discuss what MOvember is all about and how social media plays a role in spreading the word. Check it out below (and please don’t mind the shoddy camera work; my normal camera man was out that day):

Movember [11] from Marketwire + Sysomos [12] on Vimeo [13].

Happy MOvember everyone and get those moustaches growing!

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