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5 things to remember when you write your next social media press release

Social media A traditional press release is still relevant in today’s evolving PR landscape. But more and more companies are complementing their traditional releases with social media press releases (and even replacing them) because a social media press release is a vehicle to tell a fuller, richer story by offering multimedia assets and a way for your audiences to easily share your content through their social networks.  When you take the time to properly plan your social media release, you increase your chances for getting your content read and shared with greater frequency.

Here are some useful tips to help you write a better social media press release:

Consider Keywords and SEO

As you write your release, think about search engine optimization, and remember that good SEO begins with keyword research. To find out which keywords and terms are the most relevant, use a free keyword research tool like Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool.  Think about the keywords and terms related to your company and brand you are trying to “own” on Google – the ones that people would use when searching for your company or products. It’s not always easy to determine. Remember to include your keywords in the headline and the first paragraph of the release. And keep in mind that you will rarely see significant results by distributing only one release; you need to have an ongoing SEO strategy.  (You can also read, “How to choose target keywords in your press release in 4 easy steps” for more information.)

Understand Your Audience and Community

Your social media release should speak to your loyal customers and people within your industry while considering the social media community. So make sure you understand your audience while avoiding jargon, even if your release specifically targets a niche community. You don’t want to alienate any readers.  Conduct research using a social media monitoring and analytics tool such as Sysomos, which can give you insight into who is talking about your company, the sentiment of the conversations, and where they are located around the world. If you are armed with this information before sitting down to write your press release, you can adapt your style of writing and content accordingly.

Include Photos, Video and other Multimedia Assets

Whenever possible, try to use at least one multimedia element in your release. Search engine algorithms continue to give greater weight to photos and videos, so it is a lot easier to get your multimedia content to appear at the top of a search engine results page (SERP) than it is to get your website there. In addition, these multimedia assets become shareable content because they help you tell a richer, more engaging story when part of your social media release.   Photos and videos are also important assets for bloggers and journalists as they continue telling that story by enhancing it and creating their own unique online experience.

Create content for your readers, not just for Google

Don’t forget that while you need to consider best practices for writing and optimizing online content, you are still writing for your customers and your community.  Think about what is relevant to them and what they would want to share, and write about that.  As you write your release, it’s really important keep in mind that it will be picked up by search engines, which in turn allows blogs, forums and news sites to pick it up and post it. Make it easy for people to find your release on those destinations through a clear, concise and relevant writing style that includes your target keywords. And because it is a social media release, ensure that the content is reader-friendly and shareable.

Build Relationships and Spread the Word via Social Media

A social media release is not  a slam-dunk solution to social media success.  As with any good PR strategy, developing relationships is at the core of audience engagement, and in the digital age of social media, is more important now than it ever.  Creating and sharing relevant content with your stakeholders is a great first step in building relationships with the communities that matter to you.  The social media press release can be an invaluable marketing tool that can help provide your company with excellent inbound leads and Web presence while giving your customers relevant information.  It is a perfect tool for educating your audience and providing a fuller, richer interactive experience that extends beyond a traditional, SEO enhanced press release.

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