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2 easy ways to make your real-time content SEO friendly

twitter facebookPerhaps the best examples of real-time content are Twitter and Facebook.  Think of it:  every tweet, retweet and post is content that you are authoring and sharing in real time.  You share an opinion or post a question to your friends and followers and often, you’ve got a response even before you can hit “refresh.” These real-time conversations produce real-time content.  But in and of itself, the conversations on Twitter and many other social networks are not innately SEO-friendly. 

Here are a couple of quick ways to help you optimize this kind of content.  

Whatever content you publish, you want it to be searchable on search engines, and turning real-time content into searchable content on search engines takes outside-the-box thinking.   If you have additional ideas, please comment below or tweet me @Marketwire [2] or via Facebook [3].  And be sure to join OUR real-time conversation every week during our #smmeasure [1] chat, Thursdays at noon ET.

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