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Marketwire and IABC Launch “Conversations with CEOs” Podcast Series

IABCIf you had 20-minutes for a conversation with Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn to learn how he uses social media and sets the strategy and morale for 180,000 employees, would you jump on it?  How about a chat with Eric Morrison, former CEO of The Canadian Press, to hear his insights on why integrity, honesty and transparency are fundamental to the success of any company (and any company’s communication)?  Well, you’re in luck.  The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Research Foundation and Marketwire have launched a new podcast series — “Conversations with CEOs.”

The series is part of “Conversations with CEOs: Communication Leadership in Modern Organizations,” a research study that focuses the role of communication in organizational success as seen through the eyes of CEOs.  In-depth interviews provide fascinating insights into the communication needs of different organizations, the characteristics leaders see as key to their jobs as heads of organizations, and what skills CEOs want in their communications teams.

In the “Conversations with CEOs” podcast series, discussions are based around the following issues:  the top challenges for CEOs and for business in the next three to five years; how CEOs manage information and effectively communicate to internal and external audiences; and how communications teams work with CEOs to establish a “voice” for their organizations. 

You’ll hear from some fascinating leaders, including: 

  • Brian Dunn, CEO of Best Buy
  • Eric Morrison, former CEO of The Canadian Press
  • Barry Griswell, former Chairman and CEO of Principal Financial Group
  • Phillip Barton, CEO of De Beers 
  • Mark Price, Managing Director of Waitrose Supermarkets

Best Buy’s Brian Dunn cites the ever-blurring lines between internal and external communications as a major business challenge, particularly in light of social media and the ability for any employee to take communications intended for internal audiences and post them to Facebook, blogs, etc.  Dunn believes, in fact, that true “for internal audiences only” communications can no longer exist.  So what do we do with this proliferation of social media and its impact on corporate communications?  “You can rage against that and try to lock everything down, or you can embrace it,” he says.  And embrace it they have:  Best Buy’s Twelpforce (@twelpforce), IdeaX and Brian’s Whiteboard show how even the largest companies can stay connected with their employees and customers using social media. 

Eric Morrison sees media disruption, transformation and consolidation as perhaps the greatest challenges facing The Canadian Press (and many other organizations) in the next three to five years.  When asked about the effect of social media on the company and on the practice of news reporting in general, he says that solid writing skills and the ability to turn a story around in real time have always been critical, particularly to hard-news reporting at a national news agency.  Today, there are just more channels to contend with.

Grab a cup of coffee, put in the earbuds and listen to the podcasts.  And let us know what you think – we love feedback.

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