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What does success with Sysomos look like?

https://www.luckybridals.com [1]What do an iconic American consumer brand, a Swiss digital communications agency and the 2011 Canadian federal election all have in common?  Each tells its own success story with social media.  Specifically, each is a case study about using the intelligence and insight gleaned from social media monitoring for brand and reputation management, crisis communications and message control, and cross-channel promotion.

Our clients use MAP (Media Analysis Platform) and Heartbeat to monitor the social sphere and improve their engagement with audiences and key stakeholders, better align their communication strategies with target audiences, and find the pulse of the global social community. 

Just a few of the highlights from our Sysomos case studies [2] and success stories include:

You can read the full-length Sysomos case studies [2] and get a full-circle view of how social media monitoring can add real intelligence to business, align online and offline efforts and build better, stronger relationships with customers.

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