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What does success with Sysomos look like?

What do an iconic American consumer brand, a Swiss digital communications agency and the 2011 Canadian federal election all have in common?  Each tells its own success story with social media.  Specifically, each is a case study about using the intelligence and insight gleaned from social media monitoring for brand and reputation management, crisis communications and message control, and cross-channel promotion.

Our clients use MAP (Media Analysis Platform) and Heartbeat to monitor the social sphere and improve their engagement with audiences and key stakeholders, better align their communication strategies with target audiences, and find the pulse of the global social community. 

Just a few of the highlights from our Sysomos case studies and success stories include:

  • An American brand that is synonymous with shaving, and shaving products, needed market and demographic insight before launching its new razor.  Heartbeat provided the real-time information which in turn gave the company a snapshot of consumer activity and the buzz surrounding the product. MAP provided a more in-depth look at the branding of the new product over time, which showed the company where its brand stacked up among its competitors.
  • With increasing frequency, clients of Switzerland-based Goldbach Interactive ask for help in building their social media strategies. Insights and analysis from MAP provide inputs into the information Goldbach shares with clients to enable informed decision-making throughout the lifecycle of a campaign or other initiative, and the real-time data culled from Heartbeat lets the agency monitor the pulse of the social Web and create successful marketing strategies for its clients.
  • One of the interesting aspects of Canada’s 2011 election was the involvement of social media – its role, implications and influence. Public affairs strategist Mark Blevis used MAP to understand what was driving Canada’s 2011 federal election and identify trends that could have even greater implications in 2015. Through MAP, Mark was able to mine the kind of data that Canadian politicians should be aware of, not as a way to win the election, but as a way to listen, hear and understand the voice of the people they are representing – based on the real-time buzz they were creating.

You can read the full-length Sysomos case studies and get a full-circle view of how social media monitoring can add real intelligence to business, align online and offline efforts and build better, stronger relationships with customers.

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  • 40deuce

    These are fantastic! Can’t wait for EVEYONE to see them!

    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos

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