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What happens when Justin Bieber tweets your press release?

Love him or hate him, adore him or detest him, one thing is clear: Justin Bieber has reach.  In a recent press release, Justin Bieber and PhoneGuard introduced PhoneGuard 360, a new mobile phone app suite that eliminates the dangers of texting while driving.  The reaction to that news, and what happened on the day of the announcement, was quite remarkable. 

Using Sysomos, our social media monitoring and analytics platform, we found several interesting notes that show how much of an impact social media – and relevant content — has today.  Let’s review the sequence of events:

It all began when Justin Bieber tweeted to his 10 million followers and posted a Facebook update to his 29 million fans a news release on PhoneGuard’s new 360 app (it’s a great cause!).

From the moment Justin Bieber posted his updates, social media did what it has the power to do:  Spread the word – and encourage pick- up on blogs, forums, and news sites.


As the news traveled, so did its popularity. Based on the Zoomable Popularity Curve (below), zoom in on that spike to find out what was driving this conversation (see below for more). If you filter even more by most authoritative user on Twitter, you can see that all of Justin Bieber’s fanatic followers retweeted the PhoneGuard press release:  

Take a look at the word cloud below. The most common words associated with PhoneGuard are “texting,” “driving,” “fight,” “family”… the same words used in the news release, proving the power of keyword selection.


In less than 24 hours, the PhoneGuard news release garnered 30,000 unique views, with over 5,000 direct tweets. Through advanced sharing capabilities, a Marketwire press release allows users to tweet it directly from the release itself.



The takeaway?

Sure, partnering with a celebrity like Justin Bieber is a benefit not many companies can enjoy. But he was only part of the equation. What’s just as important to understand is that relevant content matters. When a message resonates with the audiences it targets, they will share it. Whether you send a social media release or a traditional release, the content is what garners traction in social media. The networks you create and the communities you build relationships in will foster shareability as you provide content that is valuable to them. Create great content that is relevant to your audience and you will see a return on your release that you might not have realized before.

If Bieber tweeted a press release on organic roofing materials, would the result have been the same?

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4 Comments on What happens when Justin Bieber tweets your press release?

Heath Blackstone said : Guest Report 7 years ago

Wow That was really great. social media expert

Ed Matthews said : Guest Report 7 years ago

Blastedleezy said : Guest Report 7 years ago

wow, nice!

B Cashman said : Guest Report 7 years ago

Bieber, OPMG PhomeGaurd, this will be huge and a social issue that needs to be delt with. Saving lives, nothing more important.

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