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5 social media measurement questions being asked today

Posted By Marketwired On May 27, 2011 @ 12:48 pm In IR/PR | No Comments

#smmeasure Twitter chat recap

Although our weekly Twitter chats (#smmeasure) have been going strong for nearly a year, we took a brief hiatus from posting recaps, but we’re bringing them back! Moving forward, we will hand-pick the chats that provide the most significant insights and comments and share them with you on the Marketwire blog.

In one of our recent chats, we based our questions off a HubSpot webinar that brought some of the most burning social media measurement questions to light. 

Here’s a recap of the chat below:

Q1: Should you be measuring all of social media?

  • @marketwire: according to @jaybaer “No, b/c it is about measuring things that make you money, save you money, or both.”
  • @brightmatrix: “Only measure what matches to a business goal (KPI)”
  • @erkramer: “Focus on what will impact your strategic/business goals…be able to distinguish the relevant from the spam”
  • @shanegibson: “sometimes measuring more than we think is necessary helps us identify KPI’s we didn’t know existed.”
  • @jgombita: “Presumably you are already in social media with an over arching strategy and objectives. So measure success (or none) of ’em!”

Q2: What success metrics should you be worried about?

  • @erkramer: “Be worried mostly about the short list of KPIs u have integrated into your strategic plan”
  • @susanborst: “No matter the goal, we should be accountable for looking at trended, not just point in time data. SM needs nurturing.”
  • Q3: How do you evaluate behavior?
  • @40deuce: “Behaviour of your audience should be studied so that you know what they like and what they will respond best to”
  •  @jasonarican: “Pay attention to how people respond to your engagement. Are they appreciative or weirded out? Should you be direct or personable?”

Q4: Should you be present on all platforms?

  • @BarryBirkett: “Nice ideal to be on all but should limit to assure effectiveness where you are. Need to prioritize.”
  • @jasonarican: “Industry boards/forums get overlooked A LOT bc companies don’t even know they exist. Very important conversations there”
  • @40deuce: “You should b wherever your audience is. Sometimes this is 1 network, other times it’s more. Connect where they’re comfortable”
  • @erkramer: “Focus on the platforms that will help u attain your goals, the sharper the focus the better”
  • @karensnider: “you should be present on the platforms that actually mean something to ur org rather then all.

Q5: What about the value of a Facebook like or a Twitter follower?

  • @sabrina_scott: “I don’t. It’s a one time action. It doesn’t mean the person is engaged – yet.”
  • @jasonarican: “Lots of $ amounts float around but they’re bogus. Some (conversions) are worth thousands, many are worth none”
  • @brs21: “By determining how they influence and contribute to the community WITHIN your fan page. Quality > Quantity”
  • @RobinMarie: “Just as you can’t put a $ value of influencers a company has irl (in real life)”
  • @Jason_CP: “what they bring to the table through engagement, sharing of content and loyalty”

If you have any questions or topics you’d like the #smmeasure community to discuss during the weekly chat, please comment or tweet @smmeasure [1], then use Tweetchat [2] to follow the chat. Or send me an email nshin[at]marketwire.com.

Join the Marketwire Facebook page [3] or our dedicated LinkedIn #smmeasure group [4] to hear about weekly topics and to connect with others interested in social media measurement. See you every Thursday at 9:00 am PST, 11:00 am CST, 12:00 pm EST, 5:00 pm if you’re in London, and 3:00 am Friday if you’re in Melbourne.

Thank you to everyone for making #smmeasure Twitter chat a joy to be a part of. Also, big thanks go to my #smmeasure co-host Sheldon Levine @sysomos [5]. Remember, the conversation doesn’t end after the chat!

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