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Twitter for business, with guest host Laura Fitton, author of Twitter for Dummies

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#smmeasure chat #20 recap

In last week’s chat, the #smmeasure Twitter chat community provided insightful social media recommendations as we discussed the year in review for social media.  To wrap up #smmeasure for 2010, Laura Fitton [2] aka @pistachio [3] will be joining us to answer any questions about Twitter for business.   A big “thank you” goes out to my co-host Sheldon Levine @sysomos [4] and the entire #smmeasure chat community for making this such an enjoyable and informative Twitter chat.

If you weren’t able to join us this time around, here’s the full transcript [5].  If you don’t have time to go over hundreds of tweets, here’s the recap:

Q1: What are the up-and-coming trends in social media marketing measurement?

  • @pistachio:  “We love what @jowyang [6] did with his ROI pyramid: Tools to measure social media ROI in 2011: http://14t.me/idZ7Kx [7]” 
  • @nigellegg:  “I think this year was about information, next year interpretation and understanding -> insight”  “more people using SM for deeper corp insight, rather than reactive tactical use.”
  • @brightmatrix:   “I hope to see continued emphasis on which social metrics to track, how, & their context. This chat is a catalyst”
  • @grmeyer:  “Match people who are commenting/engaging to the people who actually use your product”
  • @40deuce:  “I think this year people learned to monitor and listen, next year will be about deciphering what was heard and acting on it”
  • @dunn_lauren:  “This year was about buy in, next will be about learning to listen and effectively handle the information your hearing”  “#socialmedia [8] will be used more for corporate social responsibility”

Q2:  How do you know which stats and figures you report actually mean anything?

  • @pistachio:  “DON’T just measure whatever is easiest to quantify. measure the effort by stats you measure your business success by”  “yes, MANY different kinds of tools for small businesses: http://14t.me/hsZZhi [9] and for brands http://14t.me/ekNTBP [10]
  • @40deuce:  “depends solely on your objectives for being in SM in the first place”
  • @nigellegg:  “lets start by only reporting stats that we understand and can justify. Don’t report stats coz we been told we should”
  • @dunn_lauren:  “#Socialmedia [11] is about building relationships and sadly that is something almost impossible to measure”

Q3:  How do you know whether improving stats are due to changes in your social media activity?

  • @pistachio:  “social media is infinitely more trackable than anything we’ve seen before. observe the ripple effects”  “at @oneforty [12] we use Kiss Insights to ask people what they need while they’re still on site”
  • @journeyscript:  “Ask your customers/volunteers/clients what’s working and why! If they like what you’re doing, they’ll tell you.”
  • @nigellegg:  “need to take into account everything going on around brand, try and find correlations. Stats. Math. Hard stuff ;-)”
  • @40deuce:  “Always benchmark when measuring. Helps you understand what has changed so you can measure accordingly”

Q4:  What predictions do you have for social media in 2011?

  • @pistachio:  “much more mainstream usage, and tools that better package SM content for people who want to consume it but not post”
  • @nigellegg:  “twitter becoming mainstream; Facebook growth slowing; Facebook & Google Places take off; 4square relegated to irrelevance.”
  • @marketwire:  “group buying upward trend continues, location based services downward spiral”
  • @grmeyer:  “Integration everywhere: “Social media” mentioned less; “Marketing” more; it’s less “creepy””
  • @jgombita:  “social media platforms that focus mainly on marketing will lose followers/fans.”
  • @heidicohen:  “social media matures & integrated across org. Req better metrics”

Here are some helpful social media measurement articles mentioned during the chat:

Words of wisdom from guest host Laura Fitton @pistachio:

  • “I’ve long described twitter as a ‘global sensing and signalling mechanism’ think of it as earths intelligent skin.” 

Join the Marketwire Facebook page [19] to get #smmeasure weekly topics.  If you have any questions for the community, tweet @smmeasure [20] or @marketwire [21] or send me an email nshin[at]marketwire.com.  Keep track of all the #smmeasure chat recaps [22]. Join the #smmeasure LinkedIn Group [23] to connect with others interested in social media and measurement. 

Our #smmeasure chat will be on break for the holidays and will resume Thursday, January 6th, 9:00 am PST, 11:00 am CST, 12:00 pm EST, 5:00 pm if you’re in London, and 3:00 am Friday if you’re in Melbourne. Our #smmeasure chat will be on break for the holidays and will resume Thursday, January 6.  Have a great holiday!

See you in 2011!


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