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Last chance to participate in our free social media fitness program (#sm10x30)

At the end of this month, we will be retiring our Social Media Fitness Program.  Otherwise known as SM 10X30, the premise of the program is to help communication professionals, new and experienced, better utilize social media to complement their business strategies.  The program provides useful tools and actionable insights in a condensed 10-day, 30-minutes-a-day format to help you understand and maximize the power of social media.  The program is email-based and can be done at your leisure — you will always have the option of going back to a workout later. 

Our social media fitness program (#sm10x30) was launched in January 2010 and it is hard to believe that we are almost at the end of what has turned out to be an incredibly successful program.  Our goal was to sign up 700 participants within the first three months of its launch (about eight new users a day).  By early April, we doubled that estimate and extended the program because of its popularity and the positive feedback we received. Now, nearly 12 months later, we are approaching 5,000 participants (almost double the amount of new users a day). 

Needless to say, we are blown away by how many people have signed up but more importantly, we are extremely grateful to all of you who took the next step to learn more about social media and enhance your experience within it.

Today, Thursday, December 9, the #smmeasure Twitter chat community and I will be discussing what we learned about social media in 2010.  Be sure to join the conversation at 9 am PST / 12 pm EST!

If you’re curious about our free SM 10X30 program, check out some of the feedback we have received from previous participants:

  • Amy, from the high-tech industry, says:
    The social media workouts have been very helpful for us so far, and since I signed up for the extreme [Core Conditioning] track I believe I am learning a lot more than I would in the basic track. I liked the recommendation for services such as as we are still in the early phases of social media implementation. I am storing all of the “workouts” for future reference and I believe they will continue to be helpful as we move forward in this process.  This series has been one of the most informative that I have seen / read / watched / attended about social media, and I believe the “workout” analogy is a very good one, as social media muscles do take time and effort to build! Thanks again.
  • Sarah, from a national non-profit organization, says:
    I am very excited to work my “core” and exercise my social media know-how.  This is great stuff.  Thanks so much to Marketwire for making this accessible (for FREE!) to us poor non-profit folks.
  • Toby, from a product development and design company, says:
    I just want to pass on how brilliant this campaign is and useful to us dweebs that are wannabees in social media. It’s a very refreshing experience /approach – pass on my thanks to the creators!
  • Cinnia, from a marketing communications and licensing company, says:
    I was very happy this [SM10X30] was made available, and being able to do it on my own “clock” made it more attractive. The things I’ve learned will be useful in giving companies a sense of what is possible. Thank you so much for that.
  • Nancy, from the high-tech industry, says:
    I’ve been subscribing to your social media series of emails and it’s really great…Chock full of really good information. Just thought you’d want to know.
  • Tom, from a communications company, says:
    I’ve enjoyed the workouts so far, and I’ve already generated a couple of business leads.
  •  Tracy, from the marketing/PR industry, says:
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for releasing this really great tutorial. I’m a marketing consultant and know the importance of social networking, but even I didn’t have all this information at my fingertips.  It’s very helpful, simple to understand and thoroughly helps one walk through the steps assuredly.
  • Sarah, from the marketing industry, says:
    Thank you for sending the ever-helpful Social Media workouts a few weeks ago — they were fantastic and opened our company’s marketing agenda to many new ideas!
  • Elisabeth, from a global PR firm, says:
    I found the Social Media Fitness Program to be really valuable.  Although some of the content is a bit of a review, it is helpful to see it reinforced by a company like Marketwire.
  •  Todd, from the high-tech industry, says:
    I liked the emails, especially because they were short and provided some good quick tips.
  •  Jason, from a non-profit organization, says:
    I can say that the emails are great: Well-designed, great copy and lead-ins — great concept!
  • Diana, from a professional association, says:
    Thanks for the great newsletters. There was loads of valuable content and links in there, so much appreciated.

Whether you are a professional just beginning to explore the world of social media or a user that has years of experience, our free “fitness” program will help you step your way through social media by providing valuable instruction and insightful tips. It’s also a great opportunity to teach others the value of social media through the activities provided in the workouts.

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