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Things to consider when monitoring and measuring social media


After a week off due to the Thanksgiving holiday last week, I was beginning to go through #smmeasure Twitter chat withdrawal.  Luckily for me and the rest of the #smmeasure community, Thursday couldn’t come fast enough.  Thanks to Sheldon @sysomos [2]for coming up with engaging questions and taking on co-host duties.

#smmeasure chat #18 recap

As a preface to this week’s chat, we highlighted one of Katie Paine’s (@kdpaine [3]) downloadable worksheets on questions you must answer to start monitoring your social media needs [4].  If you have any questions, tweet @smmeasure [5]. Take a look at the full #smmeasure chat transcript [6]. Here are a few highlights:

Q1: How do you decide what to monitor?

Q2:  How often should you be reporting your findings?

Q3:  How do you decide where to monitor?

Q4:  Do you use automated monitoring and coding or do you do it manually?

Q5:  @kdpaine’s checklist has a section for reporting. http://bit.ly/hpAvOo [7] How do I make my #’s matter to mgmt/clients?

Some tools mentioned by the #smmeasure community:

Check back here every Friday for chat recaps and transcripts.  Join the Marketwire Facebook page [12] to get #smmeasure weekly topics.  If you have any questions for the community, tweet @smmeasure [5] or @marketwire [13] or send me an email nshin[at]marketwire.com.  Keep track of all the #smmeasure chat recaps [14].

Join the #smmeasure LinkedIn Group [15] to connect with others interested in social media and measurement.  See you next week at 9:00 am PST, 11:00 am CST, 12:00 pm EST, 5:00 pm if you’re in London, and 3:00 am Friday if you’re in Melbourne.

See you next Thursday!


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