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Things to avoid when engaging in social media

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Every week, I look forward to participating in the social media measurement chat every Thursday and interacting with a community eagerly willing to share best tips and practices. Last week’s chat on measuring word of mouth campaigns [2] was informative with plenty of actionable insights. This week’s chat focused on what not to do when participating in social media. A big thanks to my co-host, Sysomos’ Community Manager, Sheldon Levine @sysomos.

#smmeasure chat #14 recap

We all hear about what we should be doing with social media, but what about what we shouldn’t be doing or measuring? If you have any follow-up questions, tweet @smmeasure (without the #smmeasure hashtag). Take a look at the full #smmeasure chat transcript [3].

Q1: Plenty of talk about which KPIs/metrics are valuable in measuring social media success, but which ones to avoid? Why? Via @erkramer [4]

Q2: What are some measurement mistakes you’ve made or seen others make?

Q3: What can we do to stop these mistakes and bad metrics?

Q4: What are the risks of social media use?

Bonus Q: “I’m a social media expert because…” — Big ups to @djwald [6] for asking the question.

Tip of the chat from @mhandy1 [7] – “I don’t think every brand should use SM… it’s better to have no presence than a lame one”

Check back here every Friday for chat recaps and transcripts. Join the Marketwire Facebook page to get #smmeasure weekly topics. If you have any questions for the community, tweet @smmeasure or @marketwire or send me an email nshin[at]marketwire.com.

You can also join the #smmeasure LinkedIn Group to connect with others interested in social media and measurement. See you next week at 9:00 am PST, 11:00 am CST, 12:00 pm EST, 5:00 pm if you’re in London, and 3:00 am Friday if you’re in Melbourne.

For those that enjoy Halloween, have fun and be safe. See you next Thursday.

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