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Measuring word of mouth marketing campaigns

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After missing last week’s chat on social media measurement for marketing campaigns [1] because I was in Las Vegas for the BlogWorld Expo, I eagerly waited for the #smmeasure chat to begin.  This week’s chat focused on measuring word of mouth campaigns.   Thanks to Garry Przyklenk [2]for taking on co-hosting duties last week with my partner in crime, Sysomos’ Community Manager, Sheldon Levine @sysomos.

#smmeasure chat #13 recap

Many social media folks define word of mouth as “viral”, but that’s just one part of one of the most powerful marketing campaigns.  To clarify what word of mouth marketing is, I asked our community.  If you have any questions, tweet @smmeasure without the #smmeasure hashtag.  Take a look at the full transcript [3].

Q1: What is your definition of word of mouth?

Q2:  How do you create word of mouth activity? Is there a formula for success?

Q3:  What social media metrics are used to measure user action online and offline?

Q4:  How do you differentiate between folks who generate buzz and customer advocates who make recommendations?

Q5:  What is the best way to measure word of mouth success?

Check back here every Friday for chat recaps and transcripts.  Join the Marketwire Facebook page [4] to get #smmeasure weekly topics.  If you have any questions for the community, tweet @smmeasure [5] or @marketwire [6] or send me an email nshin[at]marketwire.com.  Keep track of all the #smmeasure chat recaps [7].

Join the #smmeasure LinkedIn Group [8] to connect with others interested in social media and measurement.  See you next week at 9:00 am PST, 11:00 am CST, 12:00 pm EST, 5:00 pm if you’re in London, and 3:00 am Friday if you’re in Melbourne.

See you next Thursday,

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