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Social Media Measurement Questions from the Community

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In this week’s #smmeasure chat, we answer social media measurement questions from our growing community.  And, as always, a shoutout to Sysomos’ Community Manager Sheldon Levine @sysomos for co-hosting the chat with me.

#smmeasure chat #11 recap

Unfortunately, the chat this week was cut 15 minutes short because the collective brain power of our #smmeasure community and the awesomeness that beams from all of you crashed Twitter (not really, but Twitter did crash…coincidence?  I think not!).  If you have any questions, tweet @smmeasure without the #smmeasure hashtag.  Take a look at the full transcript.

Q1: If your client is pushing for likes/followers in social media, even though you  understand that it should come naturally, what do you do?

  • @GetPushing:  “Explain pros and cons of just using popularity contest vs tonality, engagement, etc. in addition”
  • @grmeyer:  “explain that not all relationships can be quantified, share qualitative insights/verbatim, and use existing KPIs too”  “I also report on categories of support tickets, trending issues and customer requested features to dev team”
  • @unhabit:  “likes/followers are akin to CTR – meaningless. I’d explain it in these terms and lead them back to their bottom line”
  • @swonderlin:  “helpful to take your clients “goals” and work them in with the goals you are setting. Collaborate ;-)”
  • @jgombita:  “Ask peeps pushing for “likes” and “followers”: When was the last time you made a purchase decision based solely on FB “likes?”
  • @LitsaAhern:  “Client is not wrong. They are just on step 1. Explain next steps to them – communication, engagement, provide value”
  • @marketwire:  “If client is concerned about #’s, give them what they want, but go that extra step and teach them the true meaning of social media”

Q2:  If given a choice between someone posting a comment about your blog or someone using a social network to comment about your blog, which do you choose and why?

  • @swonderlin:  “Having a comment on a social network is more rewarding – can be passed much easier!”  “I would draw them back into the blog to discuss their thoughts. Then send out link to see discussion”
  • @nigellegg:  “comment on twitter about blog – draws readers from elsewhere.”  “Blog comments require more work, but there is more value, more focused discussion.”
  • @casiestewart:  “I use @disqus commenting on my blog, comments/replies to comments are shared across twitter/FB.”
  • @40deuce:  “I think this also depends on your goals. If goals are for more views then on a SN is the way to go…”  “but if your goal is to create more of a bond with you community, discussions on the blog may be better for that”
  • @dc2fla:  “Twitter gathers views, conversation opportunity richer on blog – a reason for both”
  • @LitsaAhern:  “It’s a case of receiving one fish or learning how to fish. I choose the social network. More blog comments in the long run.”
  • @AnthonyZanfini:  “One example is more engagement. The other is more awareness. It matters what is important to you at that time.”
  • @paulgailey:  “it’s permanent social proof your content is remarkable unlike a fleeting tweet”
  • @Wedding_crasher:  “Blog comm are awesome, but if your “audience” is limited then you’re going to want the social network exp. Combo of both is ideal”
  • @DavidSpinks:  “for me, a comment means that you read my post and cared about it. A RT is often BS…but still nice”

Q3:  How can you tell if a message you posted on your Facebook page is well received or not?

  • @AlexConde:  “Ideally I have a goal linked to the FB message (likes, responses, clicks, etc).”
  • @IAMJAZZY:  “I judge by unique comments, likes, and shares. If my friends steal and re-post i know I’ve done good”
  • @AnthonyZanfini:  “Beyond likes, sentiment, comments etc I look for who engaged with it. Was it the same ppl as always or was it new ones?”


  • To @jgombia for pointing out that this chat is not an “audience,” but a “community.”  I won’t forget that!
  • Thanks to everyone for submitting questions.  Keep them coming by tweeting @smmeasure with yours.  We’ll have another one of these “questions from the community” sessions soon.

Check back here every Friday for chat recaps and transcripts.  Join the Marketwire Facebook page to get #smmeasure weekly topics.  If you have any questions for the community, tweet @smmeasure or @marketwire or send me an email nshin[at]  Keep track of all the #smmeasure chat recaps.

Join the #smmeasure LinkedIn Group to connect with others interested in social media and measurement.  See you next week at 9:00 am PST, 11:00 am CST, 12:00 pm EST, 5:00 pm if you’re in London, and 3:00 am Friday if you’re in Melbourne.

See you next Thursday,

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