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How companies integrate social media marketing into print advertising

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During last week’s #smmeasure chat, we answered the big question: “What is online influence?” with special guest @Klout. This week I wanted to ask everyone about a topic that is not often discussed in social media: print advertising. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped spread the word. And, as always, a shoutout to Sysomos’ Community Manager Sheldon Levine @sysomos for co-hosting the chat.

#smmeasure chat #8 recap

Below are a few tidbits from today’s conversation.  If you want to get your mind blown with more great advice, take a look at the full transcript.

Q1: What are some of your favorite examples of companies that use print to promote social media marketing?

  • @40deuce:  “one of my fav’s was earlier this year Trident did a print ad showing off what people were saying about them via Twitter”
  • @buona_vita:  “I have found recently that many companies will throw in the find us online @ towards the end of an ad”
  • @theblogstudio:  “#vitaminwater has done a great job of mixing social media w promo teams & advertising to create a cohesive presence on & offline.”
  • @Global_Thinkers:  “European low-cost airlines like to plaster their social media info on their planes!”
  • @rochlatinsky:  “@virginmobile is also doing a good job with print pushing their online presence”
  • @jgombita:  “Rather than favourite ex. of companies using print to promote social media, PRACTICAL is Twitter addresses in store windows”
  • @dbbradle:  “Gap did a great job of driving traffic to their Facebook page using print in their “Born to Fit” campaign.”
  • @dbbradle:  “K2 skis killed their website and are strictly Facebook now. Wildly awesome.”
  • @KnowledgeBishop:  “Posting Twitter account names in retail store windows? Priceless!”
  • @PRBristolblog:  “the Independent newspaper (UK) has a feature on the most topical/funny tweets of the last 24hrs, think this is neat”
  • @marketwire:  “Dominos and @Ramon_DeLeon have a done a great job of print to promote social media”
  • @AlexConde:  “I’ve seen a lot more SM pushed at Point of sale for fast food. Perhaps it’s a strategy? See-Crave-Eat-Share?”

Q1.5:  What kind of print advertising do you do that points to social media campaigns?

  • @BPMacKenzie:  “I have been seeing an increase in QR code bars [link to:] in magazines & the increase of smart phone usage… sign of things to come?”
  • @Global_Thinkers:  “I find all too often that the print ad guys are never in the same room with the SM guys… still a disconnect”
  • @SunnyinSyracuse:   “…as simple as putting our handles on our business cards”

Q2:  How do you mix your print advertising with your online social media efforts and vice versa?

  • @WriterChanelle:  “Seeing SM listings on everything from cups to coupons”
  • @MichaelNus:  “Pet Peeve: print ads with the twitter or FB icon on them but with no address. You can’t click print ads!”
  • @casiestewart:  “i used to use stickers & did a postering on queen street pointing to my twitter/website”
  • @buona_vita:  “When we have an article come out in print, I like to tumble it”
  • @ambercleveland:  “Recommend if people have article in print, link to source incl thumbnail of article via all of their SM channels”
  • @Global_Thinkers:  “No matter how it’s done, it has to be visually consistent, immediately identifiable across media.”
  • @inspiredtrain:  “Trad and New media should be symbiotic. Holistic. The message is the same, the delivery is different”
  • @inspiredtrain:  “But trad marketing can capture people still unaware of your SM efforts.”

Q3:  How would you measure the effectiveness of your print advertising that points to social media campaigns?

  • @dbbradle:  “One component could be trackable URL on the print ad.”
  • @PRBristolBlog: “Take up (followers or likes), to get even more accurate data encourage the use of offer code / hashtag”
  • @inspiredtrain:  “QR Codes. Print Ad points and says scan. A Single page website specific to print campaign.”
  • @WriterChanelle:  “With Google Analytics, you measure your unique visitors. Klout, keep an eye on the achievements section”
  • @jdojc:  “that’s a bit too broad a question sometimes traditional and social serve different purposes, sometimes they shake hands”
  • @MichaelNus:  “I would say if you can’t measure it then integrate. Put social links on print ads or use a referral code. You should get SOME #s”
  • @AnthonyZanfini:  “Specific URLs are great for meas. but costly to build & manage for clients. Landing pages are the fallback.”
  • @BPMacKenzie:  “the ultimate goal to get people use ur service or buy ur product, make it as easy as possible for them to be informed about u”

Q4:  How would you improve/tweak your print advertising and social media campaigns? Next steps?

  • @adriannadunn:  “we’ve found that messaging (print & SM) must focus on our partners & how our software improves their life, not features & specs”
  • @BPMacKenzie:  “With the increase in Smart Phone use, I think we are going to see a huge increase in QR codes in print ads.”
  • @deegospel:  “spend more time designing how the communication channels will work before spending another dime”

Fun Tweet of the Chat

  • @inspiredtrain:  “How many times have I wished I could leave a comment on a TV Ad.”

“Scary” Tweet of the Chat

  • @KnowledgeBishop:  “When retail fully integrates location based promotion (“tweets you a coupon as you walk by”) it’ll be crazy!”

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