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How to measure online influence: A special #smmeasure chat with Klout

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This week, we invited our first special guest to the #smmeasure chat and, needless to say, this was our most highly anticipated chat since #smmeasure was launched in July.   A big thanks goes out to Klout’s Megan Berry [1], marketing manager, and Joe Fernandez [2], CEO.  I also want to thank everyone who participated, submitted questions and helped spread the word.  And, as always, another shoutout to Sysomos’ Community Manager Sheldon Levine @sysomos [3] for co-hosting the chat.

#smmeasure chat #7 recap with special guest, Klout

Klout [4], the company that created the “Klout Score,” a metric that measures online influence, began this week’s #smmeasure chat session by asking three discussion questions and then went full force into audience questions.  Below is just a small taste of the great conversation we had.  Take a look at the full transcript [5] for oodles of helpful tips.

Q1: How do you determine who to follow and/or follow back?

Q2:  How would you define influence? Online influence?

Q3:  How should a business or individual measure their impact on Twitter?

Audience Questions

Is a RT a sign of influence? (via @inspiredtrain)

How does @klout address the difficulty of measuring influence that’s not as direct as RTs and clicks? (via @seanward)

How do you really measure @Klout?  Is it noise or real influence on certain topics on Twitter? (via @PRBristolblog)

…But, Klout doesn’t measure [influence as the ability to drive actions] (via @karensnider)

Can you confirm a new style and an old style RT is assigned the same weight by @klout (via @paulgailey)

Does checking into 4sq and posting on Twitter & Facebook impact one’s influence? (via @jgombita)

Does blog influence measure into @klout score at all? (via @MichaelNus)

What do @klout’s Facebook scores take into consideration? (via @JPedde)

Did you happen to consult any #measure folks for weighing influence in @klout score? (via @gprzyklenk)

Why is @klout in (personal) Facebook, but NOT business-oriented @linkedin? (via @jgombita)

Is your goal to #smmeasure across Facebook and Twitter as a combined metric or within each first? How far off are you? (via @paulgailey)

Fun Tweet of the Chat

Continuing the music theme from last week’s #smmeasure chat [6], I think we have found Klout’s theme.  I love this group.

Blog post highlight

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