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25 Random Things About Marketwire

Ball Gown Wedding DressesYou might know Marketwire as an all-inclusive communications tool for public relations, investor relations and marketing communications professionals. But, what you don’t know might surprise you. Below are a few facts — some more serious than others — about the company and the individuals who make up the company:

  1. We have a former beauty queen working in the Dallas office.
  2. Marketwire is owned by OMERS Private Equity with global headquarters in Toronto and US headquarters in Los Angeles.
  3. About 30 Marketwire employees have been with the company for 10 years or more.
  4. Since January 2010, approximately 4,500 people have joined our Social Media Fitness Program — dubbed SM 10X30 — to learn the ins and outs of social media. Ten workouts, 30 minutes a day is all it takes.
  5. Every Thursday, our social media guru, Nick Shin, hosts weekly Twitter chats on topics concerning social media, SEO, measurement and everything in between. Join the discussion at #smmeasure. This first foray may lead to others down the road — stay tuned!
  6. Marketwire employees are culturally diverse, having roots in Finland, Puerto Rico, Italy, India, Quebec, Korea, Japan, China, Cambodia and many other foreign lands.
  7. One of the London team won a massive £5 prize for eating tarantula eggs on a game-show whilst the real live tarantula was held up in front of them as they ate (and no, it wasn’t served on a crumpet).
  8. Previous jobs of current Marketwire employees include: wedding planner, cartoon artist, baker, actor and published author, to name a few.
  9. The vending machine in our L.A. office sells soda for $0.25 a can – Cactus Cooler being a California favorite.
  10. In July 2010, Marketwire acquired Sysomos, a social media monitoring and sentiment analysis company based in Toronto
  11. One of our Senior Client Relations Managers is related to a former prime minister of Canada.
  12. One of our VPs has lived in New York, Miami, Colombia, Mexico and Hong Kong.
  13. A few Marketwire employees write their own blog: PPC-Advice, Marketing Shindig, GrillGrrrl and Insert Clever Pun Here.
  14. We once gave away Marketwire-branded flip-flops at a conference that took place in sunny San Diego.
  15. One person in Marketing is the former president of her Toastmaster’s club.
  16. Because of one regionally distributed release, one non-profit client went from being virtually unknown to being offered a regular gig as TV show host!
  17. Marketwire’s Vancouver office supports the PMC Sierra Science Fair Fun Run, which promotes and develops science fair programs throughout the province.
  18. Marketwire’s global headquarters is located on Yonge Street, the world’s longest street spanning 1,896 kilometres (1,178 mi), and sits atop the PATH, the largest underground shopping complex in the world.   According to Guinness World Records, the PATH is the largest underground shopping complex with 28 km (17 miles) of amenities, and more than 50 buildings/office towers are connected through PATH.
  19. Walking through the hallways of our New York office, you’ll find an entire “artwork” series of laboratory vials that hold suspicious content and strange anatomically shaped objects.
  20. Several colleagues in the London office are currently involved in an inter-team cook-off. Five people cook the same dish and the originator of the recipe declares the winner.
  21. Marketwire employees have a taste for adventure! One of our sales reps is a world traveler and has been to more than 25 countries, including: Belgium, Czech Republic, Marshall Islands, New Zealand, Turkey and the Bahamas!
  22. The Miami Heat’s newest — and most controversial — member LeBron James was recently spotted in the same parking lot that Marketwire’s Miami employees park in.
  23. The London office is based in St Helen’s Place in a building constructed in 1543 before being redeveloped five times over the past 450 years, with the latest facade being constructed in 1925. It also stands in the shadow of the famous futuristic-looking “Gherkin” skyscraper that is a big feature of London’s modern skyline.
  24. In the Emerging Markets Division, based in Miami, all employees are either bilingual or trilingual.
  25. Our resident social media guru has lived in Chicago for the past 10 years, but is moving back to his LA roots, come September.

There you have it — some insightful tidbits into Marketwire’s past and present.

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2 Comments on 25 Random Things About Marketwire

said : Guest Report 8 years ago

It's ok that I wasn't mentioned as one of the Marketwire employees that has a blog. I'm not hurt, no seriously I'm not :)

nickshin said : Guest Report 8 years ago

Monica owes you a hug. I'm going to forward this to her =)

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