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Important first-glance metrics, rules of engagement, privacy and disclosure

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While Nick Shin takes the week off, Sheldon Levine, [1] community manager at Sysomos, compiled the weekly #smmeasure chat recap.

It was another great week for our #smmeasure chat. We’re always blown away by the number of people and level of participation we see each week. I just want to start by thanking everyone who joins in and everyone who has passed along the word of our chat. Each week we’re growing and it’s all thanks to you!

A special thanks this week to Garry Przyklenk [2] who was filling in for Nick Shin [3]. Garry was a little nervous and felt like a n00b, but he did a great job.

#smmeasure chat #5 recap

This week we sort of had a mixed bag of questions, but they all generated some good conversation.

Q1: What things do you give the most attention when monitoring social media channels?

Q2: What are the most important social media measurements you want to see first?

Q3: If something negative shows up on your radar, how do you determine whether to engage or not?

Q4: Do you think there is an expectation of privacy on social platforms? If so, how do you break the ice?

Q5: How important is disclosure from a brand perspective versus a user’s perspective?

Check back here every week for #smmeasure chat recaps and transcripts. Join the Marketwire Facebook page to get #smmeasure weekly discussion topics.  If you have any questions or specific topics that you would like us to discuss in the future, please tweet @smmeasure [4], @marketwire [5], @sysomos [6] or @40deuce [7].  Keep track of all of the #smmeasure chat recaps.

As well, on September 9th we will be having some people from Klout [8] joining us to talk about their platform and online influence, so start getting your questions ready.

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