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Number of followers and fans versus number of brand mentions

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Just when I thought our inaugural chat last week was going to be the peak of its existence, even more of you showed up for the second #smmeasure weekly chat.  The total number of tweets almost doubled from 400 last week to 700 this week.  I want to thank everyone who participated and helped spread the word.  A big thanks to Sysomos’ Community Manager Sheldon Levine @sysomos for co-hosting the chat.

Last week [2], we started the chat with high-level questions.  This week, we changed it up a bit to discuss the number of followers and fans versus brand-mention debate.  Below is just a small taste of the great conversation we had.  A full transcript [3] is also available.

Q1: What’s more important to you? Followers/fans vs. brand mentions?

Followers/fans are more important

Brand mentions


Q2:  Which ranks higher on the priority list? Growing followers/fans vs. growing discussions?

Q3:  What would you rather have? Having a few key people mentioning your brand vs. having masses of random people?

Some bonus tweets that I had to include.  When you join a chat full of insightful, informative and amusing Twitter users, this is what you get:

Check back here every week for #smmeasure announcements and weekly questions.  If you have any questions or specific topics that you would like us to discuss in the future, please tweet @smmeasure [4] or @marketwire [5].  Keep track of all of the #smmeasure chat recaps [6].

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