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Ann Wylie provides insight on thinking like a reader at IABC/DC’s June writing workshop

I have been to a lot…a lot of networking events/workshops in the DC area, but on June 30th I was a part of the most beneficial event yet: Robust, Readable and Riveting: Writing that Compels in the Age of Now! The event featured Ann Wylie [1], PR and communications maven, and was presented by the DC Metro chapter [2] of the International Association of Business Communicators, with the help of Johns Hopkins University [3] and Marketwire [4].

This event was a fantastic learning opportunity and gave me a wealth of knowledge to share with my clients with regards to writing effective press releases.  Ann split the conversation into two sections: How to Think Like a Reader and Cut Through the Clutter.

During Think Like a Reader, Ann explained something that seems so obvious, yet so many people fail when it comes to making the reading experience beneficial for the reader. So, put yourself in the reader’s shoes: What’s In It for Me?  Ann touched on this, and other, strategies that will help you get noticed:

The second part of the event was focused on how to Cut Through the Clutter.  The main point of this section was, again, to make the reading experience more beneficial for the reader by writing content that is easy to digest.  The easier your copy is to read, the more likely it will be read, picked up, blogged about, retweeted, etc…

Ann provided a ton of other useful tips which you can find at www.revupreadership.com [5]. Here are a few more that I liked:

Special thanks go to Shonali Burke for getting myself and Marketwire involved in such a fantastic event.

More details on the event can be found at: Waxing Unlyrical [6], Capitol-Cast [7]. For additional writing tips, check out other posts on the Marketwire blog:


Pictured above, left to write: Ann Wylie and IABC/DC Metro Chapter President Shonali Burke as well as sponsors Jane Twomey of Johns Hopkins University and Colby Cox of Marketwire.

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