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Sysomos joins the Marketwire family: We did it again!

Sysomos a Marketwire CompanyWe are living and communicating in a world that is seeing the rapid convergence of traditional and social media.  The velocity of this shift has often left communication professionals feeling confused, uncomfortable, and unsure of what to do: scrambling to figure out how social media fits in overall communication strategies, how to utilize it to our advantage, and how to measure its impact.  With so much and so fast, there’s a worry, too, of missing something big.

At Marketwire, we’ve been successful as the innovative leader in distributing our customers’ news, and now we are applying that innovative spirit to the social media sector and social media monitoring.

As such, I am very excited to announce Marketwire’s acquisition of Sysomos.

What does this mean for Marketwire and our clients?  It means unparalleled access to:

  • Powerful tools that let you measure, monitor, understand and engage with the social media landscape in real time;
  • Billions of social media conversations so you can see what’s happening, why it’s happening, and who’s driving the discussions about your organization, your brand and your competitors;
  • All discussions within blogs, social networks, micro-blogging services, forums, video sites and  online media sources;
  • The tone of the conversations and ability to identify sentiment by gender, age and location.

This move is aligned with Marketwire’s core values of driving intelligent innovation in anticipation of client needs, and always making it simple and easy for our customers to communicate.  We are proud of what we stand for and the positive impact it has on our customers, staff, suppliers, and others with whom we have come in contact. These are not just words that sound good on paper or a blog post. They are at the center of how we operate and what drives us forward. They are our promise to the market place.

For any company with a history of growth and success like Marketwire’s, the foundation must be solid.  We have built that foundation and have embarked on a course that reinforces our position as market leader in the communication industry with this strategic move. The Sysomos acquisition is but one strategy to continue our tradition of innovation and to deliver on our promise to advance the way the world communicates.

This is an exciting time to be at Marketwire, our future is bright, and you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Welcome to the family, Sysomos!

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  • 40deuce

    Thanks Michael!
    Speaking on behalf of the Sysomos office, we're really excited about being part of the Marketwire family.
    The move made great sense from your perspective as well as ours and we're really looking forward to all the opportunities now available to both of us (or maybe I should just say to US now).
    The future is looking very bright and we're looking forward to venturing into it together.


    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos

  • Hugh Macken

    This is potentially a very good move if you can find a way to successfully merge capabilities of the technologies that are now in your hands.

    I do not know whether this is something you have considered, but I have yet to see a solution in the marketplace that seamlessly integrates social media monitoring, traditional media monitoring, outbound communications and CRM-like capabilities that allow communications professionals to have a continually updated Relationship Management portal for keeping in contact with both traditional journalists and citizen journalists, bloggers and microbloggers.

    We at VMR will be watching your merger carefully and hope that you are able to address this need for a fully integrated, socially savvy Relationship Management portal for PR professionals that also helps to connect the dots for communications ROI measurement.

  • AGORACOM – George

    Michael, congratulations on a very smart acquisition. Though I don't know Dr. Koudas, I have every confidence that he and his team are going to provide MW with a fantastic return on its investment.

    Great to see MW move ahead like this. I discovered long ago that Marketwire is superior to its peers in terms of both service and technology.


  • Silvia Prado

    Congratulations! This is great news to see and a wonderful direction the company is taking. I look forward to seeing more news on what Marketwire has been developing.

  • Mike Nowlan, CEO of Marketwire

    Thanks for the good words George; we are quite looking forward to working with the entire team at Sysomos and bringing the strength of the innovative technology to meet and further our clients' needs.

    Best to you and Agoracom

  • Mike Nowlan, CEO of Marketwire

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments and please do watch us at Marketwire and Sysomos closely over the next while; based on your comments above, I am sure you will be pleased with the development plans we have.


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  • Hugh Macken

    Thanks so much for replying, Mike. I was happy to read about Deirdre Breakenridge's conversation with you as well (at…)

  • Hugh Macken

    Thanks so much for replying, Mike. I was happy to read about Deirdre Breakenridge's conversation with you as well (at…)

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