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Haiku Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of our haiku contest [1]!  I received entries from a wide range of backgrounds — from the casual writer to haiku fanatics. But, the results — your poems —  are creative proof that  all of you have embraced social media.  As a contest that was promoted through social media  about social media, it was amazing to see it in action because of its widespread reach and the amount of participation we received.

Without further ado, the seven winners:

SM10X30 Category

Grand Prize Winner = @wesyee [2] (Tweeting, Facebooking / A minute to learn and yet / Ten days to master)

Runner Up = @bobbleheadguru [4] (1/2 Hour per day / Just 10 days? Rocket Science? No… SM Fitness!)

Social Media Category

Grand Prize Winner = @allanschoenberg [5] (One forty only / That is all you are allowed / Share, ask, and respond.)

Runner-Up #1 = @gizamike [6] (Social is not new / The media is flowing / The power is yours)

Runner-Up #2 = @terimorris [7] (The joy of Twitter / Twitter this or twitter that / What are you doing?)

Contest Finalists = @Zalicious [8] and @Smith_km [9]

Again, congratulations to all the winners and thanks to those who participated in our haiku contest.  I hope you had as much fun creating the haikus as we had reading them.

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