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Tips from the Trainer: Social media optimization – How to optimize your Twitter page

One of the most asked questions I’ve received from our Social Media Fitness Program participants is in regards to Twitter and how to optimize one’s Twitter page.  I’m glad many of you are taking the initiative to consider social media optimization as part of your strategy.

In this session of Tips from the Trainer, I will go over how to optimize your Twitter profile and your Twitter background.

Optimize Your Twitter Profile

How to optimize your Twitter profile [2]

Optimize Your Twitter Background

The perception of having a Twitter background is that it tells visitors you care about using Twitter as a networking tool.  However, there are users who take advantage of custom backgrounds to promote their products and services resulting in a spammy look.  Be sure to personalize your Twitter background, not only for branding consistency with your website, but also, in the static left-hand sidebar, to explain how you can provide value to your followers.

What are your thoughts on social media optimization (SMO)?  Have you started implementing SMO?

Thanks to the SM 10X30 participants who submitted their questions. Your dedication and willingness to learn are much appreciated! Keep your questions and feedback coming! Send me an email at nshin [at] marketwire [dot] com.  If you haven’t already, be sure to “LIKE” us on Facebook [5] for exclusive tips, photos, and videos.

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