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How to write a feature press release – ideas, tips and tricks

Connecting your product or service with seasonal, lifestyle and special interest stories can make your news and business flourish. A feature press release does just that yet is often overlooked as a marketing tactic. This type of content is what media outlets need to fill occasional holes and create interesting, thought-provoking articles that consumers like to read. Feature releases cater to certain lifestyles or provide benefit to those with special interests. With a longer shelf-life (sometimes called “evergreen”), feature releases can be recycled and can thrive in markets outside your industry, allowing your news to reach new audiences and consumers.

Let’s entertain this idea further…

Features Press Release versus Standard Press ReleaseImagine that your company sells cameras and you have a new model. As an expert, you know this product could sell, but you need to get the word out. A feature press release tells your story and markets your product to consumers, without a hard sell.  Mother’s Day is around the corner, and with all of the opportunities it brings for photography, Mother’s Day provides a perfect opportunity to promote your camera to consumers and the media.  Tailoring your feature release into a story or a “how-to” article about cameras and photography gives consumers something interesting and useful to read, and media outlets a story to run in print or online.

Sticking with this camera/Mother’s Day example, here are a few suggestions to incorporate into your feature release:

  • Write about your new product, positioning it as a great gift idea for Mother’s Day.
  • Mention the benefits of your product. For instance: Cameras can create a lifetime of memories by capturing great photos for years to come.
  • Offer fun ideas that relate to cameras, photography and Mother’s Day, such as “Mommy and Me” scrapbooking parties (host one in your store and promote it in your release), or offer great photography tips for the perfect Mother’s Day shot.

This type of expert opinion and “how-to” can help your bottom line by creating brand awareness, in turn increasing sales. Creating feature releases connect people from different walks of life that can relate to Mother’s Day and picture-taking. Feature releases also add depth to your messaging and extend your news beyond your industry, giving editors something to print or journalists story angles and sources.

To write your own feature press release put on your thinking cap. Explore creative ways and different angles to present your message to the media (Hint: Think “out-of-the-box”).

5 tips to start writing your feature release:

  • Make the headline and first sentence grab the reader’s attention.
  • Write your release as if it’s an article, not a commercial.
  • Inverted Pyramid of a Features Press ReleaseDon’t add a boilerplate. Even though editors normally don’t read them, feature stories are not about business events or forward-looking content that require corporate backgrounders.
  • Always include detailed contact information so editors and consumers have someone to reach out to.
  • Use multimedia and search engine optimization to draw attention to your story and gain online visibility.

For more helpful hints, view Marketwire’s 10 Tips for Writing a Feature Press Release, which will guide you to writing a successful release. For another Marketwire article on features releases, read “Finding your features story.”

Marketwire allows you to stay connected with journalists and media outlets for maximum exposure. For a list of submission dates as well as holidays and events, view our features calendar, so you’re constantly in the loop for upcoming deadlines. Plunge in and view an example of a feature press release to gather more ideas and information for your own release. For any questions, ideas or suggestions contact Marketwire and see how you can take advantage of our Feature Newsline.

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