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Some B2B social media insights from the 2010 New York Search Engine Strategies Expo

A few weeks ago, I attended this year’s Search Engine Strategies (SES) New York Conference & Expo, intent on searching for some useful information for Marketwire customers and prospective clients. Here are a few highlights.

One of the panels I went to treated the audience to a perky case study from the food phenoms at Chicago’s Foiled Cupcakes [1], who have deftly used social media to extend the gourmet cupcake craze by at least 4,234,982 calories. Foiled Cupcakes employs many best practices I frequently suggest to Marketwire clients, including:

And let’s face it, who doesn’t love caffeine-enhanced cupcakes? Nevertheless, I could sense a silent groan from conference attendees who were trying to market something that wasn’t sprinkled with sugar and filled with hope. Fun, fluffy consumer brands seem to naturally lend themselves to cutesy Twitter tactics and enthusiastic social sharing–and obviously Foiled does a great job at maximizing their opportunity.

But what about people who market something less sweet: Products and services aimed at a decidedly sober B2B audience that traditionally thinks Facebook is for teenagers and budding dessert moguls? Better yet, I wanted some quality insight for investor relations, pharmaceuticals and other industries where regulatory/legal concerns seem to take the icing off the social cupcake. What kind of resources should the “no frosting” crowd direct to social media and how can they approach it most effectively?

SES had some great information to offer B2B marketers that helps make the case for a well-thought out social media strategy no matter what your product happens to be:

I’m no longer thinking about cupcakes. I’m thinking of a chicken with its head cut off running around setting up Twitter profiles while answering hundreds of incoming emails on their BlackBerry. This should help settle things down:

I have collected numerous speaker presentations from SES so feel free to contact me for more takeaways. Of course, once you have decided to make a real investment in social media to meet your B2B goals, I can help you with the details–and recommend some effective ways to kick off the campaign!

Account Executive Kenneth Weeks is based in Marketwire’s New York office [4].

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