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Tips from the trainer: Preventing social media overexposure and information overload

Many people involved in social media feel there is just too much information coming at them.  They feel overwhelmed, and that social media just doesn’t work.  This week, I received a question from an SM 10X30 participant about overexposure and information overload.

As a reminder, all questions are welcome, whether you are new to social media or are someone who is already very familiar. I love to help and chat about social media.  @ me on Twitter [1] and let’s talk!

Q.  What are your suggestions in preventing overexposure and information overload when it comes to using all these social media sites?  Can you recommend a percentage mix of content and conversation to keep your fans and followers interested?

Thanks to the SM10X30 participants who submitted this question. Your dedication and willingness to learn are much appreciated! Keep your questions and feedback coming! Send me an email at nshin [at] marketwire [dot] com.

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